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    Thursday, August 31, 2006


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    No comment. I can't comment on the state of your singles for fear of cosmic reprisal. I have been cursed with other things, I don't need another! ; ) So, nice picture you've got there.

    I can't believe August is over already. Such a change in the air already -- autumn!

    Dorothy B

    September, the beginning of the end. Soon, we'll all be hunkered down in our houses, praying that we don't have to go outside in that and at the same time, praying we don't go stark raving stir crazy.


    Where did the month go?

    Wanna trade? All I see to do lately is frog the occasional half a sock. Oh, and I'm starting to hate that red scarf.


    Get outta that funk girl!


    Hello September. August? We hardly knew ye.


    You know, I think we should start a fashion of wearing singles with other singles...I have tons of them myself.


    Time to crank up some Queen :-)


    Cheer up! At least your singles are in autumnal (I love that word)colors! Besides, you can't be in a funk. I'm in a funk and I look to you to make me laugh. C'mon! Don't be selfish! ;-)


    We all do it sister.

    My work basket is filled with projects that aren't finished because I got stuck, or projects that need an overhaul since they don't fit quite right.

    I intend to tackle them, and it's the thought that counts. :-)


    Love your singles. Love your sunset. Wishing for your funk to hit the road.

    Dave Daniels

    Lovin' that orange sock, it has a nice cowboy boot top to it. You should finish that pair first. take a poll. Polls always help.
    I couldn't be happier that summer is finally gone. Time to dig out the flannel shirts and sweaters. Time for more knitting! Yay! (Did all that help to get you outta your funk yet?)

    Dave Daniels

    Oh, and if that didn't work. Just think, "A" will be home for Thanksgiving dinner before you know it.


    Oh Dear. Dave's right, that cowboy boot sock top is great. When in a funk, let someone else tell you what to knit, and get to it ;) Or, go take some pictures of the garden...


    Look like Socktoberfest can't come soon enough - maybe you could finish up the mitten pairs first? So glad you can join us for the second round, Norma!


    You did capture the last bit of light. Still beautiful (nice job adjusting the camera);-)
    Don't work too hard. You're good at taking breaks when needed and hopefully not too many people will post or email you while you get the work done. Mwwwaahhhh!


    No, no, no, Norma. September is not funk time. September is "hooray! It's getting cold so I can wear my knitted sweaters!" time. September is time to start baking things with cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg. September rocks.

    Funk, I command you to be gone!

    Heather R

    Say it isn't so! Oh wait, I love autumn-it means all the tourists go bye-bye.


    WTF? Why The Funk? ;)

    What a beautiful August sunset. September promises to be a better month, sweetie. And hey--Rhinebeck is in October! Yahoo!


    I'm not ready either. where is / was summer??


    Thankfully, I love autumn. Otherwise, it would all seem a little too bleak.


    Don't worry about the singles. Spring is the time for everything to find their mates. Summer may be slip-sliding away, but that just brings us closer to spring and rebirth and new greens and all that sexy stuff. Meanwhile, think harvest. Think Thanksgiving. Do you love Christmas or is it too much? Think indoor joys like curling up with a blanket and Vincent and a cup of tea and a good book.

    Or, you could always wallow in your funk untill you are sick of it, then take a bath and move on.

    Beth S.

    That orange Koigu doesn't inspire you? Really?... Have another look at it and see if it doesn't make your fingertips tingle, just a little bit.

    And the time is coming when you will really appreciate a pair of thick, warm, grey boot socks. It'll be sooner than any of us would like to believe. ;-)


    Odd socks (and gloves and mittens) are all the rage (at least that what I tell myself anyway!)


    Funk right back at you..............3 day weekend coming, though!


    Weeeeeeee got the funk.

    It's a funky funk, isn't it? The calendar says September, but it still looks like the same tired, dog-eared, bleached out days of summer to me. Jill at Restless Knitter and I are calling an Emergency International Pajama Day this weekend to hide from the world, drink wine and vegetate our way out of the funk.


    I can't believe how fast this summer flew by! Thanks for stopping by my blog I hope you have a nice Labor Day weekend!


    You should have a little mixer for all your "singles"!


    Singles Ads:

    Superwash grey wool sock seeking same. Ribbed for your pleasure. Heel flap a must. Blocking not an issue. Must be good in the kitchner. If you're looking for long-term relationship that includes good clean fun and not afraid of a little dirty laundry then I'm your mate. Short row heels need not apply.

    Emma in Seattle

    Elizabeth's ad cracks me up. I'm desperately trying to finish the mate for my husband's sock. Let's hope it's a match made in heaven, even if the second sock is shorter than the first. (My husband's left foot is two sizes smaller than his right so I always knit it last so it goes faster.)


    You've got SS(s)S BAD.


    September. Yikes. On the plus side, school starts next week.


    You could start and make a killing.


    I do all my socks on 2 24" Addi turbos, casting both on at the same time in order to work both simultaneously. I always keep a pair of socks in a bag for lines, traffic snarls, waiting for appointments, etc. I also try to keep a pair near my computer for working on while waiting for downloads. I knit across both fronts and then the backs, keeping a safety pin handy for those times when I have to shift a stitch at the end of a row but there's no needle tip available. I pick up the stitch on the return. I work the fronts on the first needle and the heels on the second. The only awkward row is when you're picking up the stitches along the heel flap. I love this method, as there's less counting, the socks always match, and you can try them on as you go. What fun!


    I HATE September 1st! Means winter is just around the corner. Summer is just too damn short!


    You mean the Sneetch Mitten still doesn't have a mate?! For shame! ;) 's OK, Norma, you're allowed.


    Norma my sweet darling, you NEED to learn 2 socks (mittens ,ect) on magic loop!! Then you can avoid SSS and your pile of singletons! Feel free to mail me that orange koigu and I'll make the second sock for ya...just don't blame me if they get "lost in the mail" on the return :)


    Ahh Norma Norma Norma. That is truly one of the most beautiful sunset photos I've ever seen. But even with a stunning incredibly artful and beautiful photo... and a cute little collage of your singles....

    How is it that you can get 36 comments by doing and saying virtually nothing? *sigh*

    Maybe I should stop typing and just put up sunset photos? Hmmm....


    Ah yes. I too have a problem with singles. Just last week, I finished the first sock pair in many months. Many singles still await me. I know your pain. Best of luck!

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