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    Thursday, August 03, 2006


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    Sexy Norma!

    What a great idea.


    Damn, girlfriend! I say flaunt it if you got it and you certainly do!


    OK, OK, so I really say "flaunt it tastefully"--what can I say, I'm gettin' old and turnin' "prudy"

    Dave Daniels

    Well, look at you and your Yankee frugality, complete with milky-smooth skin and perky bosooms! Like mother like daughter, she'll be able to show off her killer figure in an outfit like that. (Warning to you: don't be wearing that to garden in, ol' farmer Jones may get the wrong idea!)


    WHOAA! You just burned a hole through my monitor. Hot, sister, H-O-T!


    DAYUM Norma! Baby got back, no?


    Norma. You are SO HOT! Love the t-shirts turned halter.


    What a great way to recycle!! You look terrific, you hot little consumer, you. Way to boost the economy, girlfriend. ;)


    Norma, you look good! I love it! Well done. Gracie loves that skin tight stuff...makes me nuts. I am a bit more conservative in style. I only expose cleavage--now that I got some!

    denny  Mcmillan

    Is that you in the the halter top? Wear that" sleeping shirt "to bed and just see how much" sleeping" gets done!



    Yeay! I'm so glad you blogged this, Cousin. You're looking very hot over there, lady.


    THAT is one way to kick rampant comsumerism in it's ASS, girlfriend!
    You are HOT!
    Even if it's cool.


    Norma, you babe, you! that is so badass. I've had that book on my Amazon wishlist for a little while but after seeing your photos i think i may have to just mosey over to the local bookstore and pick it up. After all, it's 100 degrees here today, so a halter makes perfect sense. Love the mnemonics! Hilarious.


    You look good. Very good. And that was fast to make, huh?


    Good god woman! You are so dang talented!
    Tee's look great!!


    As I've alreay said, Va va va voom!
    I'm sitting here trying to figure it out, mainly the pulling in the bagginess part at the bottom.
    I never wear T's although I have a few gifted ones hanging about. Love the Plato one!
    Remember the halter tops from the bandanas? I made those in my ahem...youth and the sleeved version (two more bandanas)


    Way cute. Someday, I'll wear something like that. (And someone will say, "DAMN, that is ONE BIG SAUSAGE.")


    Hmmm, I've got a TON of t-shirts!
    You do look HOT.


    Hmmmm...wheels turning...eyes T-shirt (sleep shirt) drawer...


    Wow. Now I want the book, just like everyone else, and would also like, please, to look as good as you do it my creations. I have a tattoo right in the center of my back that just isn't getting enough air-time...

    You'll probably be getting orders from Abigail's friends as soon as the semester starts.

    What's with the book "Generation S.L.U.T." coming up right next to Generation T?


    Great tops! And I think I saw that book at B&N the other day...

    By the way, I keep meaning to write and tell you how happy I am that Vincent is doing better!!


    You know i saw that book last night and thought noooooooo not me, now I wonder about others out there.............................


    Oh my goodness is this a hot idea!

    Dorothy B

    That is one great idea. I was just going to rip mine into strips and knit up a bathmat, but now, I'm intrigued. Especially if it's a no-sew project.

    Lee Ann

    Holy shit. Between you and Franklin today, I think my eyes are falling out.


    Hubba hubba hubba. Must get book. So many t-shirts...


    Great idea! I'm too short for those tshirts and can certainly relate to turning them into something cute and useful; too bad I don't have the same figure as in my old hippie days.


    Jaysus. Look at that hawt body!

    I need to look into that book!


    *Sigh*...I guess I'll even model them for your blog when i get home.'ll cost you. I'm famous now, dontchaknow?


    Is your new gardening attire Norma? ; )

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