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    Tuesday, August 01, 2006


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    Dear Ms. SB:

    Thanks for actually linking to the Dulaan deal. Cause you know... sometime you might get a newish reader who hasn't heard of Dulaan before and they might be thinking "what the hell? what a SB not to link to this oh so important charity. Blah."

    Love always,
    Another Fawning Admirer


    There's also Warm the World ( Our KAL, Knit the Classics ( did a blanket for them and have decided to make it an annual event.


    Thanks for putting this into proper perspective for those not in the know.Though I knit for local charities here in Massachusetts, I'll be casting on for Dulaan with regularity from now on. Thanks for the push.

    Dave Daniels

    It's great to have a cause to believe in, and an interest/hobby that you can devote some of that attention to.
    That said, this wasn't just a blog post, it was an essay. It was So long, I had to stop and feed the cat. Read some more. Take a shower. Read some more. Make breakfast. And, out of curiosity, it is 4 pages, 1709 words, or 9,352 characters! Norma, you might consider becoming a political speech writer. Just a thought.

    Rachel H

    So, Dave - in all that careful perusing with word and character counts, I take it you got the part where Norma would like a couple of buttons made?

    And Norma? Good on ya, darlin'. But the acronym for the society you and Rabbitch are starting doesn't immediately call to mind what you have in mind for it to call to mind.


    I'm with you, I like my knitting simple enough that I can kind of zone out.
    Those Dulaan pictures! Tissue time.
    This terrific blog post was the best essay on why to charity knit. We are very fortunate compared to so many people.


    Almost spewed my diet coke when I got to the yarn and button. Nice :)
    I can't help it, but I'm humming a rousing version of WE ARE THE WORLD, WE ARE THE CHILDREN!
    And it's because of you.

    gale (she shoots sheep shots)

    FAB post.
    fyi The Red Scarf Project is on again this year.


    Good for you. A person can only wear so many knitted things ( believe me I've tried) so why not let others benefit along with your blood pressure:-)
    I can't believe you think you are a selfish person.
    Some one who was truly selfish would just knit things for themselves and stick them in a drawer and never wear them.
    I will now have to go off and check my stash to see what i can rustle up for Dulaan.


    Excellent essay on charity knitting. Perhaps a bit preachy and long winded but that's my Norma. Heh. (tongue in cheek and all, darlin')
    Must cast on for red scarves soon - Woot!


    As I was admiring my chaise this morning, looking over my current knitting projects, and thinking on my mom's knitting projects--with Granny's words ringing in my ears to the effect that I am interested in knitting different things than my mother--I thought of you. And your charity knitting. It doesn't have to be all fancy schmancy. Knitting is relaxing for me too. Heck, I picked it up obsessively because I couldn't deal with Owen--before we knew his "diagnosis". It is hard to live up to my mom's knitting. She is incredible. But fuck it--as you would say Norma--I don't have the patience. Keep on keeping on Norma. I love your knitting. You inspire me.




    As always, well said! If this post doesn't spur people on to do some charity knitting (like it did me), I dunno what will!

    As for MAFS, I don't know that it's mutual at all, but I count myself as a member of the "AFS" for every blog you mentioned!


    I, too, am a selfish bitch. I knit for charity because I love to knit, I love the tax deduction, and because it's a kind of magic against the cold. I HATE to be cold. If I keep other people warm, then perhaps I will be kept warm as well. (And in my heart of hearts, I can't stand the thought of some child somewhere shivering in her yurt because I was too selfish to give away a simple hat.)

    Want my idiot, left-over yarn sweater pattern?

    Emily G

    Just seeing those Dulaan pictures makes me want to run out and buy lots more wool for Dulaan. It also makes me a wee bit ashamed that I only knit a total of 21 Dulaan items this year (two of them Norma double-thick hats.) In my defense, I only found out about it in late June/early July. Suddenly beating back the urge to cast on a sweater...


    You rock so f***ing hard. thank you.

    Stalker Angie

    Someday when I'm cool can I hang out with your crowd?

    Awesome post, Norma Dear. Way to bite people on the arse and motivate them.

    Oh yeah, and that Ryan, she does soooo much to piss people off on a regular basis. *Rolls eyes*



    I can see the spin-off blog now: Now Norma Nags. That would be a seriously big hit, Cousin. Just get on there and bitch, bitch, bitch. Hell, I might do a sister blog with you: NipperNags. Could be a whole new knitblogging subset.


    I love your charity posts. They remind me why I like to knit for charity and give me a good kick in the butt to finish up projects.


    Go Norma GO!
    You are a real hit with The Skimmers today,SB!
    Oh and that Dave up there in the comments, he has too much time on his hands. He could have been knitting for charity instead of counting the words of this post. Just sayin'


    I grew up on the receiving end of thanksgiving food baskets. One year we got christmas presents from some local charity. I got a pink polyester pantsuit. I was 12. It was awful --- just screamed "you are poor, therefore you wear ugly clothes." I would rather have gotten nothing.

    I only started knitting last year. since it doesn't get that cold here, I have no real use for extra warm hats and scarves. Discovering charity knitting was great for many reasons. I can knit simple things, learn new knitting techniques, and know that my slightly imperfect finished items will still be way more useful and way more pretty than that pantsuit.

    And Norma, you have a Dulaan button on your sidebar, so anyone who couldn't figure out what you were talking about didn't look too hard.

    Thanks for the heads up about the red scarf project happening. I found out about it last winter about two days before the deadline. too late for me to make one (or more).

    denny  Mcmillan

    New one in Toronto for this winter "street knits" I don't know how to link yet ...but my good friend Rachel H. does. It's just getting going, they dropped off flyers a few weeks ago at the Sheep( yarn store I work at).Knitting for the homeless in toronto.

    Rachel ..... hi see tomorrow denny


    Thanks for posting about CIC/Marguerite the other day. I scoped out the website and am mailing out some stash yarn and extra needles (really, what's the sense of being a SABLE when there are other people who NEED the stuff?)


    Dear Nagging Norma, Thanks for rousing me from my heat induced stupor.


    I loved this post. In fact I loved it so much that I did some stash diving and already knit a hat. Today. For Dulaan. In about 2 hours. Love it. I am seeing all sorts of possibilites in the stash. There is some stuff in there that is about 5 years old and needs to go to Mongolia. Thanks, Norma, for the kick in the arse.


    What Carole said...totally dude.
    You are the best Norma. I'm still knitting hats for the men's shelter here in SLC and will do the Knit Unto Others in Nov., too. Knit on!!


    Thanks for the reminder to knit for the less fortunate. It's something I've been wanting to do, so now I have absolutely no excuse because you have kindly provided the research for me!


    I have very much the same philosphy as you, Norma. I'm a selfish bitch (only child, what can I say?), but knitting for Dulaan lets me use up old, old, old stash, gives me a chance to experiment with colors and designs and techniques, offers relatively mindless knitting, and perfection is not an issue. (I'm aka Kathy the Tax Accountant. Not a physically demanding job, but the expectation of perfection is certainly there.) Now that I've read in your blog about CIC and the Red Scarf project, I'm gonna send a few things their way, too.


    Thank you for the reminder re charity knitting (can't we find another term? One not so harsh?).

    As Selfish Bitches, you and Rabbitch deserve to go on a list with Ryan of Scam fame - Need a name for this nefarious group -

    I love this knitting world!


    Oh, you horrible selfish bitch. When will you stop outing me?

    And if anyone's knitting for Warm Up America or for Blankets for Canada, we want acrylic; nothing else. The blankets go to the shelters, which ~do~ have washing machines.

    The shelters would rather eat their own young than have a cotton blanket that takes three hours in the dryer and the wool ones would felt after the first washing.


    Rabbitch will be having lunch at TMK's and my house this weekend. Is the world ready for this?

    As always, the Mongolians and I thank you for the plug. It reminded me that I need to get my rear in gear and get Dulaan 2007 up and running!

    I'm hoping to get the final number for 2006 from F.I.R.E. soon.


    You are SO not a selfish bitch. So shaddup.


    Amen sister! You are preaching to the choir. I sent my first package to Dulaan this year--and it was because of those photos of those little kids loving the sweaters and hats etc.


    Thanks Norma for your rousing speech, err blog entries on this. I appreciate the more detailed info because I am one who didn't know much about it, but have now looked into those links and printed out some patterns, including your double thick hat for extra warmth. Chelle


    Good post, you radical, you. I like the way you think. Most of the time. Heeeee. ;)

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