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    Monday, July 24, 2006


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    People suck. I have the luxury of turning the phone off (home AND cell) when I want to be really alone. If I really want to be unavailable, I even turn off the damn computer, which is nearly unheard of around these parts. I hope you did get to enjoy some of your time off though. Even just a smidge?


    God Norma you sure know how to go on and's 11:00 and I'm so tired and ready for bed. I'll come back and read you tomorrow, K? After breakfast and a hike and maybe if I can get around to it before I go to bed again. Hugs;-)


    I used to be a transcriptionist. I had my own business for about 10 years or so. I don't do the stuff like you do on the steno machine, but I did the dictaphone dealie. I'm pretty good at it, if I do say so myself, and got a reputation in a small circle for being able to do the "impossible" tapes. The ones where six people are talking at once. I can go in, hone in on one voice, type everything they say to the end and then go back and do the same with the next voice. OK, I never got 100% of everything but most of what I missed was when they were all laughing and talking at once, that kind of thing.

    I once did a tape of interviews with school kids. On a school BUS. On a field trip to China.

    And then there were the 85 or so tapes of interviews done in a sawmill. While the mill was in operation.

    I think that's when I started drinking.

    Anyhow, I know what you mean about noise. I almost never answer my phone. My speakers are OFF on my computer, and TV noise drives me batshit.

    More batshit.


    I agree completely on the sound thing. I rarely turn on the radio or tv. Quiet is a great luxury that I treasure.

    Dave Daniels

    I took the ultimate route for voices: I disconnected the home phone. Like, shut off service. When people ask for a home phone number: I don't have a home phone. I am on the during the day. That's enough voices funneled into my head for a day. I'm not at all into the PodCasts, either. I don't want silence, though. I prefer the "silence" that nature provides, like birds or the wind. (Right now, there are squaking seagulls flying around outside, making this feel like the coast of Maine!)


    I am with you on the hermit cabin...check this out
    Someone could get you one for your birthday next year...


    I have to work this week and then I'm on vacation for 2 weeks. Can't. Wait. The first week I'll "just" be home and Dale will be working. The second week we're going to the Cape. Again, can't. wait. And when I'm on vacation, I'm ON vacation. And no one from the library had better call me. Unless the building burns down or something. And that's just so I know I don't have to go back when the vacation is over.
    Dale, on the other hand, gets calls from his brother Randy about the band - even when we're on vacation. As in, I know you're on vacation and put this week out but you're only going to the Cape so can't you come back up here and work? Drives me nuts.
    Okay, I'm done. Love ya!


    I've found I can't listen to podcasts either... they make me rather antsy. Jittery almost.

    I was bummed when Kate said you had planned to come to Maine and then couldn't make it. Maybe next time?


    Heh. Margene skims. I'm glad to know that.
    DId you mention vacation? Because I'm ON ONE, you know! Perhaps I had not mentioned it. And not one person from work had better call me, email me, THINK about me or even GLANCE my way. I mean it.
    Love your ribby. And neckwarmer.


    Glad you enjoyed the week despite the crappiness. Being more assertive about vacations is a good thing. And if you are a freelancer, who cares if you are working for someone else. If they want you to be exclusive they can give you a salary and benifits.


    You're got a good attitude about vacations, sugar. Partner or no, a vacation is what you make it. And it sounds as if (albeit a few calls), you've made it a good one. They sure go by fast though, don't they?

    Ribby is lookin' good! That color will be beautiful on you.

    I'll try & put lots of inflection and nuance into my voice the next time I call. ;)



    I know exactly what you mean! I'm an official now, but I used to lie to my agency and tell them I was going somewhere even if I was staying home. They'd still call... but then I didn't have to feel guilty about letting the answering machine get it and not calling them back! And boy, did I hate their voices... they were always calling to ask me to be halfway across the state by 9:00 a.m., it should be over by 11:00, so on your way back, could you just stop and pick up this other job 100 miles away that starts at noon? Sure! Of course I don't need to eat. And you'll pay for the speeding ticket. Right?


    Good. I am not the only one who doesn't listen to podcasts, who has the computer speakers unplugged (tho I plug them back in when I am trying to ID a mysterious bird at a website) and who is grateful to be able to be left alone all day unless I chose. After a previous life with several home businesses - this is truly freedom. The only thing I envy about your vacation is the hike with Judy. But then, who wouldn't?


    Honey it sounds like you could use a few more days off. I, too, take seperate vacations than my husband and see nothing wrong with it. We do try to get some time together but he and I have very different ideas of vacation.

    Glad you got some knitting and hiking and family visiting time in!


    Niels & I talk about how we don't understand couples who can't go anywhere without each other. Totally mind boggling.

    Glad you enjoyed your vacation. But no matter how long they are, they're never long enough.


    It's all freelance around here all.the.time. So I know all about IT. Like clients calling Sunday night at dinnertime because they know we're here and they know we'll pick up the phone. Even if we are gritting our teeth. They will even try when we are not at home but up in cottage country in a bloody canoe, they'll call. "I know you're on vacation but..." I'm in a CANOE! Leave me alone!


    I don't really like podcasts, either. I'll give a listen every now and again, but really, I prefer to just read a post than have to listen to the talking--and I'm not inundated by voices all day long!

    I'm glad you had a good vacation. Who says you have to go somewhere to enjoy the time off? Although I agree with Sarah--there's nothing wrong with a small fib, saying you're going to be far, far away so that you won't be pestered. ("Um, vacation photos? Oh darn, I forgot my camera....")


    I feel the same way about vacations, some of the best ones are the ones spent at home sans communication with anyone on the "outside." LOL, I guess it is the Moon Child in us that makes us appreciate and think that way about our homes!


    In the last few Martha Grimes mysteries one character hires a hermit to roam the estate. Hi-lar-ious! You should apply.

    I understand about the voices, or whatever else pertain to your work becoming not fun. I used to fly for a living--20+ days a month gone on a plane. People would ask where my favorite place for vacation was, and I'd always say HOME! Most of my coworkers had the same answer. So amen sister.


    Who are those people that take family vacations? A car trip to the Grand Canyon always sounded like a rolling hostage situation to me.
    I don't understand couples that live in each other's pockets, either. What do you talk about if you're together all the time? I have a hard enough time now and boy lives in another town.
    Those weasels from the office owe you a day for each stupid pointless phone call. If they missed you so much and/or were worried, they could have sent you flowers and a lovely card or some yummy yarn. Don't they know you at all?

    Yes, the heat/humidity has made me cranky. Can you tell? *hugs*


    Boy, do I understand you. I hate to answer my own phone because most of the time, I really don't want to talk. I much prefer e-mail myself. I do answer the phone, but try to keep the conversations short. :)

    And work calling during vacation? That is a HUGE no-no, even if you are an independent contractor; ESPECIALLY that!


    I feel the same way about vacations. I don't think I should _not_ go somewhere just because hubby doesn't want to. People don't get it. Oh well. It works for us.

    Next time you tell them you are going on vacation, if they ask you where you are going, tell them it's a secret.


    Hurrah for vacations & travel sans-spouse. Mr. Celia went to Rome with me but he is not quite as adventurous as me (he likes his creature comforts) and had no desire to see China. And then there was the conference in Puerto Rico, which I went to alone. Yet, we're off to New York together in ten days. As far as I know, there is no law forcing us to vacation together. Homecoming is nicer, sometimes, when you've had a break from each other.


    Wow, that Margene can really tell you like it is! I enjoyed your post. I am a total gene carrier for autism...and am not especially social. I love peace and quiet. It sounds like it was a productive vacation. I hope Vincent is feeling okay...I've been thinking about you both. Hugs.

    Lee Ann

    WTF indeed. What is it about people who don't believe you really deserve time off from dealing with them? My husband's work has called several times, and while it is partially to see if I'm okay, they find it necessary to give him the lowdown on what's happening on his projects, too. No wonder he hates the phone.

    I actually love talking on the phone, but I'm pretty sensitive to sound lately, so when I talk too loud (which I do sometimes...), I give myself a headache :-}

    Deep breath, baby. I'm glad you had some fun while it lasted.


    I'm the same way about noise. I'm forever turning down the tv and the stereo. And yeah... no podcasts here, either.


    I don't like to hear noise constantly, not even tv or radio while knitting. The best is when we go across the lake to my dad's cottage, there are no roads, so the only noise is nature. It is amazing how loud nature can be when it is not competing with civilization. Just the frogs alone are so loud. It is so relaxing that when we bring people who live in the city, they cry on the way home.

    anne hanson

    norma, when did you take my brain and attach your mouth to it?? you probably don't know me at all, but i am a freelancer-turned-part-timer who works offsite for my compnay. yeah—everything YOU said is the way i feel all the time. it doesn't stop me from doing excellent work and even liking some of the people i work with, but i wish tings would change. thank you.


    I read plays the same way Abigail does. I see the costumes and the lights and the props and hear the sound cues and everything. I read most books the same way. I hear each character speaking in their own voices and see what they look like. Sometimes they even look the way the author describes them. If I can't see the characters, I can't finish the book. I've never put the two together before.

    I also have the same issues with podcasts. I've tried. I just don't want to actually hear the voices. I'd rather hear my own voices I guess.

    Hmm. That sounds strange, but I think you know what I mean.

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