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    Friday, July 28, 2006


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    *sigh* I miss my garden. I don't particularly miss Pittsburgh, or the fucking ex who's still living in my house and probably ruining my garden, but I do miss the garden.

    Not looking forward to the heat coming back here. It's been so nice here on the coast the last few days.

    Dave Daniels

    That's so cool to have such a bounty outside your door, and you grew it all yo'self. It's been years (YEARS) since I've had a garden-fresh tomatoe. We just have those red blobs that taste like moist cardboard.
    And poles beans are really tasty, too.


    I love vegetable gardening- there's nothing better than fresh produce from one's own yard. I stopped growing zucchini as they ate up valuable real estate and didn't produce enough to earn their place. However, I have been known to surgically remove borers using a paring knife- it's actually rather easy if you follow the wilting leaves and the borers entance hole with the telltale chewed up plant tissue matter and cut a slit down the fleshy stem until you reach the offending creature.The plant doesn't seem to go into a decline post-op and it's very satisfying finally catching the little bugger.


    I can't believe you walked through the web. I would do the same thing...Love the bird bath story.


    I've got green beans a-plenty, but by golly, my tomatoes and cucumbers are being pissheads and won't grow! Do you make green tomato pickles?


    I read every word and love the web story, the robin bath story and you standing by the TOMATO plants!? Grrl you can sure grow goodness right outside your door!


    Why don't you freeze the tomatoes? Blanche. Stick in a freezer bag. squish. put in freezer.

    But then you bought the new canner...


    I second the "freezing tomatoes" suggestion. I did that one year when we had an enormous tomato crop (ex-husband was the gardener in the house, NOT me!!). Like Jove said, just blanch them to get the skins off, throw 'em in the bag, get all the air out that you can, stack them in the freezer. To me they had a fresher taste than canned tomatoes.


    Thanks Norma (and Jen!). I've just gotten the Gaia's Garden book for my MIL, thanks to you.

    Those tomatoes are blowing my mind!

    Rachel H

    Gardening posts. You KNOW I can't comment on gardening posts. You're messing with my groove, dude.


    How cool that you've got hummingbirds coming to your feeders. I've been watching mine all season, and haven't seen a one. Love your photo next to the tall tomatoes---you're one cute tomato yourself, there, girlie. xoxo


    I am quite envious of your produce garden. I think it must be marvy to pick and cook. And eat. Oh, the eat. Is there anything better than summer produce? Is it that we have such short summers that the produce seems so sweet?
    Should we write an ode?


    The Boy's family dog is pretty particular about what veggies she'll eat too. Until we found the secret... Feed some of whatever it is to the Hamster first, then the dog will eat anything just for spite. : )

    Ah I can't wait until I can plant a garden (& my prairie).


    What a wonderful post! Your garden [and garden life] sounds so fresh and bountiful. Yum!

    I love the spider web picture - very pretty.


    Norma, I've had 3 roll bales of spoiled hay delivered to my garden (about 1/16 of what I probably need, really) and am awaiting a cooler day for the mulchathon. I've got a similar crop of tomatoes but yesterday I went out to pick a couple of almost ripe ones and some kind of bug got two of them. Not hornworm, something going inside the tomato. Now the thousands-of-gallons-of-chemicals crowd across the street are laughing, no doubt. My brandywines are so heavy they crushed the tomato cage and I really need to construct something sturdy for them. I guess I should get in your mindset-sweating is GOOD for me-and just get out there and do it without crying.

    And I just don't think frozen tomatoes are quite as good as canned, but that's only my opinion. Are you a straight-up canner or do you add yummy things? If you add, please do share. I've got a long hot steamy day ahead of me, too and I could use some inspiration.


    Geeze I love visiting your blog! It's rich and ripe and full of beauty. You take the best photos!


    Oh my Gawd! Your tomatoes are fucking huge. ;-)


    Enjoy the bounty! I knew a little kitty cat who loved salad. She would wait for dinner time to have a little snack of salad.


    Truly envious of your tomatos... a pair of twin fawns got through a 6" square steelwire livestock fence and topped mine early last month and the plants have never recovered. :-(
    Wanna see me do a freakout dance? Be a fly on the wall when *I* walk through a spider web. Bbrrehh! ::shudder::


    That looks like such a great book! I used to index for Chelsea Green, a long time ago, when I was very new at it. My yard has gone feral, what with major plumbing stuff, and I want to make it into a wildlife backyard when I get to it. We have a couple of regular hummingbirds at our feeder - but we were just in Grand Forks, BC, and the place we stayed had 15 swarming at once around their feeder! It held a whole quart and they had to fill it every day. Amazing!


    Gaia's Garden is one of my favorite books! So many cool ideas presented in not-too-intimidating ways. We have recently moved away from my garden (sob!) but hopefully soon I'll have a new place to start over.


    Sounds lovely. I don't eat a lot of veggies, but I wonder if I would eat more if I grew them? Currently I have only a few cucumbers planted, which are buried under grass. I have not pulled the grass because I think it's the only thing keeping them from dying under the unrelenting sun. If they live long enough I should have some nice cucumbers in December or so.


    I have already harvested my first bunch of Romas down here in NC but all my larger tomatos cracked. Boo-Hoo. Anyway, my dog Chloe loves carrots, but she just ADORES watermelon. After a long, brisk walk outside in the summer heat I take her inside and offer her large chucks of watermelon. She always gobbles them with gusto. In the fall her treat is apple slices with a smear of peanut butter. Yeah my dog is spoiled but I figure at that the fresh fruits are better then a Milkbone any day.


    Mmm. Fresh tomatoes.....


    You the hottest little tomato in that tomato collage!


    What amazing production you have in that garden! It's been a great year for gardens, despite the human complaining that's been going on in the media about rainrainrain. It's a cooker today and tomorrow, too.

    My weeds? Too bad you can't eat 'em.


    What fantastic tomatoes! One of these years I will actually do some gardening (other than weed management) instead of just thinking about it.


    Now you've done it - I have to get a copy of that book! I have "The Handbook of Northwest Gardening: Natural: Sustainable: Organic" by Ann Lovejoy, which has some amazing stuff in it, but it's really aimed at non-agricultural plants rather than anything you can eat. And I'll take your recommendation any day of the week :-)


    I will have to get that book from the library to see what you're talking about. Several years ago I did a thing called Lasagna Gardening (from book of the same name). It was layers of wet newspaper sandwiched with peat moss and compost. Supposedly you could lay this right over turf without having to turn the soil=instant garden.
    I love watching the baby birds that show up at the feeders at this time of year. Full-size but oh so clumsy.


    Wow. And I thought my little container garden looked nice. I'm just growing herbs and weeds... er, morning glories. Amazing tomatoes, babe.


    re: freezing 'maters (that's what we called 'em in the South) - I actually learned that blanching them to remove the skins isn't even necessary. I think it was from a friend who knew a German woman who used to do it, or maybe it was the fucking ex's kind and decent aunt in Omaha, as I distinctly remember thawing 'maters at her house to make veggie chili. Anyway, I tried it - stuck them in freezer bags in the freezer. Then when you want to use them you just take them out to thaw and the skin just slips right off. Perfect.

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