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    Thursday, July 20, 2006


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    I know. I know. ABC bites.


    You *are* a queen, Norma. You deserve all the lemon cake you can get. Enjoy your hike, take lots of pictures.


    Uh, I hate to tell you this, Norma, but I heard on the radio yesterday that LOST is going to run a few new episodes in the fall, then go off air for several months. I guess ABC thinks it's HBO now. . .


    Can't wait to hear about the hike! We watched Roy was great!


    Oh, did you go on a hike and find that mysterious "thing"????


    Hiking is a very good idea. It is so nice out first thing in the morning. And you can hike in woods, which means shade, which means no beating hot sun. Hope you had a great hike. It'll make you feel better (which is your plan for life, right?).

    I'm going to cycle downtown to a meeting. The route is on a cycle path along the canal. Also nice.

    The Queen of the Snow Cows

    Happy happy belated birthday Norma!

    I hope the hike and the cake were FABulous.


    It's funny you mentioned Lost today because I just decided this morning that I am not letting myself get caught up in it next year... that this 3 new episodes and then a month of nothing is too much for me to handle.

    ...Course I will probably change my mind after watching Hurley for approximately 5 seconds, but oh well... i can pretend to be stubborn, right?


    Happy belated and glad to hear the cake was good! Enjoy your hike.


    Did Vincent's babypack arrive? I bet he would love to be held during a hike. Much better than doing his own hiking and running the risk of getting dirty or something.

    I hope it was a wonderful birthday.

    Oh, and you need to e-mail a vent to ABC. They need to know who they're messing with.


    Belated birthday wishes!! May you have wonderful birthdays for the rest of your life! :)

    (typepad was being poopy when I wanted to comment on that post!!)

    Have fun on your day out. :)


    Have fun hiking! I will be hiking this weekend, too, and all next week, and I'll tell you about it too. I have the same feeling about the "bumps" in the East that Margene professes, but my BF is from Pennsylvania and insists that the Adirondacks are very serious hiking. So I guess I'm kind of wrong about how hiking is in the NE. I don't know how VT compares to PA and NY. I'd love to find all this out first-hand!

    Back to the point... enjoy your hiking and the weather.


    Oh, I hope you are out looking for that -thing-! I'm sending extra day after birthday vibes to help you find it today. (actually, those are selfish vibes because I am dying of curiousity about it :) )

    Katherine, those Eastern bumps may lack in elevation from a Western perspective, but they can be challenging: rocky and steep.

    Dave Daniels

    Nope, I wouldnn't deny you ANYTHING. (Especially when you're in TAHT mood. I know better now.)
    Have fun hiking.


    Happy Belated Birthday! I'll sing you a song--Feliz Cumpleanos a ti, Feliz cumpleanos a ti! Have a fantabulous day!


    Happiest of birthdays to you my little Norma! Red wine will soon be coming to toast you...


    I'm not a LOST fan... I, instead, watch good quality tv like "so you think you can dance".

    Have a great hike!

    julia fc

    Happy B'lated B'day.


    My crazy husband actually LIKES all those shows. His current favourite is "America's Got Talent" (which I object to on purely grammatical matters) because he find David Hasslehoff funny. Will you bring your hormonal self to Toronto and help me wrestle the remote away from him? Just wonderin....

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