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    Monday, July 31, 2006


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    Oooo, love that cardigan! Though I love a perky Vincent even more...

    Dave Daniels

    Ha ha, he looks like something has got his attention! A VERY spunky shot.
    And that sweater is REALLY nice. I like the graduated stripes across the top.


    Beautiful cardigan! I really like the color details. Vincent is looking good. Fingers are crossed.


    Aw, the sweater's cute. Congrats on the FO and may the force be with you. ; )

    Vincent... YAY!!

    gale (she shoots sheep shots)

    Great little sweater. Aren't you tempted to make in grownup size?


    The sweater is adorable! And way beyond just hats and scarves that most of us knit for charity. You're amazing, dear Norma.


    So glad that Vincent is feeling better -- he *does* look perky! Love the sweater!


    Norma, you have inspired me to start doing some charity knitting. Not a sweater, mind you, but some simple children's socks or hats. I joined the CIC list. And I see that they've just now switched their emphasis from socks to fingerless mitts for the caretakers. I would rather do small socks/hats. Can I just knit those and send them in set sof 6 or whatever? Is there one central address I can send the stuff to? Sorry to be so obtuse but I've been trying to read their message board and I can't figure it out. Thanks, Chelle


    The sweater is so sweet, Norma. Your charity knitting is inspirational, hon. simply adorable. My fingers are crossed for him.


    One more thing - is Dulaan different than the CIC? I hear you mention knitting for both. Is Dulaan a separate organization?


    Lovely sweater and better yet, Vincent not posed in it. No wonder he's perky. And smart to stick close to mama.


    I said it before and I'll say it again...I LOVE that cardigan! LOVE! And so will a child, age 6-8.
    I love Vincent's haircut.


    Love that buttery golden light. Sunset or sunrise? Joy to Vincent. May he find many wonderful things to sniff!


    We heard something on the news this morning warning cat owners about an over the counter flea treatment for dogs that is toxic to cats. And we were thinking, how can this not be toxic to people too? Is it possible that these formulations are just too strong, and are not really all that safe for little dogs either? Scary stuff. Anyway, I'm glad Vincent's feeling better on his all-natural regimen.


    Good looking, warm cardigan for a fortunate child from the needles of generous Norma. You rock, seriously. Vincent looks great and Murphy is back to his mischievious, normal self (gained .2 oz even after being sick for two weeks). These dogs have 27 lives!


    Awesome looking sweater. Hi Vincent :)


    Great cardi, Norma. You're a such a wiz. Keeping the fingers crossed for your boy.

    Stalker Angie

    Norma Dear, I can totally tell you used that green on one sleeve. Hehe

    Beautifully done, Norma. And soooo glad Vincent is doing better and being perky. The pic of him is precious. :)


    Me too. I love the sweater, but am even happier that Vincent is feeling so perky!


    Great sweater! And great peony picture, and great advice on alleviating the Summer Knitting Funk. (Three comments in one. What can I say? I am way behind.)


    I'm behind on posts as usual, but here to check in on V. HAPPY happy happy to see he is (fingers crossed) still doing okay. :)


    Cute sweater. Cuter dog.
    Isn't it a wonderful feeling to finish one of those older projects on the needles?
    I just read your blog for the first time after reading about you at Mossy Cottage. As I read your posts for the last few days, the one about your allergies really hit home. I left a message there before remembering it wasn't a new post! It's the heat, it is getting to me. Thanks for sharing your allergy experience. Very informative.


    I don't mind a waggy-tail shot of the handsome Vincent.


    What a cute sweater! No one will notice the hunter green. They'll be too busy being warm.


    Vincent is such a cutie. I just want to pat his head.


    Good for Vincent! The sweater is cute, too, but I really stopped by hoping for a Vincent update. ;-)

    Beth S.

    That's a GREAT sweater! It almost makes up for the big scary-ass spider picture (GAH!)

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