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    Monday, May 01, 2006


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    At least you did something you enjoyed! And the yard and garden is looking fabulous. But definitely not as green as we have down here.


    Yup, that's a true gardener's Sunday alright. In my case, a few minutes of puttering turned into 3 hours of roguing out vines and tree seedlings. Totally jealous of the Pulsatilla, I've wanted some for years but don't have the right climate.


    Sounds like a fun day! You're going to MD Sheep & Wool?


    I am going to Maryland this year! :) Is there anyone else going? Are you meeting up anywhere? Maybe I will see you? Thinking about how I can identify myself... maybe a t-shirt with my weblog logo...


    I am going to MD too - any chance of us running into each other on purpose? There should be a secret sign or something :-)


    Yup...there's been a lot of that
    .....dum de dummmmmmm........
    here too this thing leading to another...whole beds of plants moving (sorta like musical chairs) really is annoying when work gets in the way sometimes innit? I love my job but gardening before it gets too damn hot and/or humid is devine!


    Well, you're back! I was afraid you had really gotten LOST and it had been more than 24HRS since we'd heard from you.
    What is this "vacuum" thing you speak of?


    Seems like a nice day!

    Did my email to you a couple of days ago get caught in the big ol' mean spam box?

    I was asking about what needles you wanted.... I have ebony needles here!


    Well, at least you only tripped over your vacuum twice....


    We had CRAP weather yesterday -- I was forced to trip over the vacuum cleaner all frickin' day!
    ; ) Try to have a good week.


    Thank goodness you remembered the sun screen.


    It's it amazing how a day can be eaten by simply going outside?


    With such weather as we had yesterday, who could blame you? And a whole week of rain coming to make all the plants feel happy in their new homes.

    I can't go to MD, or NH. Waaah. Say hi to the sheep for me.

    Dave Daniels

    Beautiful garden, but would you put away the vaccuum before someone gets hurt???


    Watch out for that vacuum cleaner! You don't want to trip over it again. Perhaps if you get some orange cones. . .


    Beautiful! Well, if the inside of your house is too messy, then you can just go enjoy your outdoor living space!


    Sounds like a typical weekend day - nothing ever goes as planned!

    This is why I never get anything else done, I can never make myself put knitting more than 2nd on a list, if that!


    Oh yeah! We're going to Maryland!!! Can't wait play with ya...


    Funny how the plan and the reality so rarely agree.


    I am SOOO far behind. By the time I get to the garden, the black fly will be ravenous.


    *Someone* worked all weekend. Clearly not you, though.



    At least you have a goal to look forward to! Sigh....maybe someday! Enjoy your week, don't get too busy and have an amazing time at MDS&W :)


    I loooove the tripping over the vacuum. Mine's been out in the middle of the family room for a week. HA. The garden has been weeded, composted, and the mulch is starting to make its way throughout. Planting the perennials that LEAPED, leaped, I say, into my car, commenced. See you at Maryland. With bells. And cold hard cash.


    Nice looking garden. I'm putting my meager little balcony container garden together this week. I'l probably spend more time taking photos of it than creating it.

    No Maryland for me, see you at NH maybe??


    I'm anxious about getting my garden in and my flowers planted, etc. It's still a little soon here. The nights have been chilly. However, I think by next weekend we should be good to go. Your plants/flowers look great! I'm completely inspired to get my hands in the dirt. I WISH I could come to Maryland. Poo.


    Oh Norma, I'm so sorry I won't see you at MS&W this year. Makes me very very sad. :( For many reasons, the main one being my allergies are KILLING ME this year, I will not be there!! Please take lots of photos of the yummy things you buy!!


    That reminds me I still have to START my garden. o.0 Any advice on making a raised flower bed? *L*

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