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    Tuesday, May 02, 2006


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    Too funny :-)
    (this from a woman who stayed up til midnight to watch the first two episodes on C4 last night)
    Our main problem over here is avoiding all reference to lost from people on the other side of the pond who are already well into series two. Some of us actually like to have suprises rather than read all the plot lines in advance :-)

    Dave Daniels

    Now I can FINALLY have conversations with folks about the series, whether or not they've actually seen any of the episodes.
    Next, Norma, is to tell them (or model) about your fabulous Kate Tee Shirt.


    Not only do I not watch Lost, I fell asleep halfway through House last night. Am I pathetic or what?


    Season One is sitting on my desk waiting for me to watch it. But I'm deep in Season One of 24 and can't spare the time for Lost, too. Soon, though. Very soon.


    Hi Norma - my husband would like to thank you for the past four days of uninterrupted time he's had while I've caught up on LOST. I had almost no interest in the show before reading your glowing reveiws and now am working my way through Weason 1. The four hours of sleep I had last night are also a result of wanting to find out what happened to Claire. THANK YOU! I'm enjoying every minute :)


    I clearly need to jump on the Lost bandwagon!

    Beth S.

    I might just check that out. I've never seen Lost, but the concept intrigues me. It sounds kind of like Twin Peaks, but on an island.

    My own obsession is the new Doctor Who, on Sci-Fi. Two words: Christopher Eccleston. (Sigh...)


    That is a hilarious blog. I love Lost and I agree, there is no other show out there, LOL, ok, there are but my regular tv viewing spans whatever the Disney channel shows


    (looking in all the corners) ...knitting? hmm.. it got lost around here, ...somewhere... ;-)


    THANK YOU. I am a latecomer and I've been trying to catch up. I do get distracted sometimes during the show when Jack looks particularly like Jeff Corwin.


    LOVE IT! What? Don't talk to me. It's Lost night!


    Norma, does it give away plot from year two? I would really like to read some Lost discussions, but haven't seen the second season yet, don't want to spoil the surprises. I am enjoying rewatching season one, looking for more details. I even freeze framed in on the mugshot, to see if it had the significant numbers.


    Did you watch it last night!? The last five minutes...HOLY CRAP!!!

    Bev in tennessee

    Yeah I'm a Lost lover too. I used to be passionate about gardening and it worries me quite a lot that I no longer am (after spending $$$$'s upon $$$$'s on soil, soil amendments, mulch, organic stuff, not to mention plants, tools, equipments). Have you ever lost your interest in gardening? If so, I guess it returned? My only passion these days is yarn, but as soon as the weather turns hot and humid enough to make the wool stick to me, that passion will be put aside until cold weather returns.



    Must... spread... word..

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