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    Sunday, April 30, 2006


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    Dave Daniels

    Oh, thank the gods you are still there! I've missed you.


    That's a very sweet sentiment, Norma. And I totally agree. Life has become much more brilliant since finding you all out here on the web.

    rock chick

    And yet somehow I feel an asterisk coming on, say, May 8.


    Yuppa! Back atcha grrlfriend;-)


    Ditto! :-)


    Excellent I from an excellent N. :-)


    Oh yes, a big fat Hallelujah on that one! BTW, I discovered you through Jodi's blog. Glad I got bored that day and decided to investigate. :-)


    Nicely put.

    MaryB in Richmond

    So true, so true; glad to call so many far-flung knitters "friend!"


    Great I, Norma! It is a privilege to know you and all the other wonderful ethereal folks.

    (Well, you're probably quite solid really, but you're ethereal to me, so far.)

    Rachel H

    Short, sweet, to the point, and very true. 5 more sleeps!


    what a nice I!


    My life wouldn't be the same without you, Norma.


    Good one!!

    Steph VW

    And what would the internet be without NORMA! ?

    boring. that's what.


    You know, it's almost surprising that no one else thought of that, because it's so true . . . and yet, not surprising, because nobody thinks quite the way you do, Norma! I know I'm grateful to the Internet every day . . .




    I enjoy logging into Bloglines and seeing what the collection of friends on that list have posted for the day. Sometimes it's about knitting, sometimes its about other stuff.

    Straight and to the point, a great observation.



    Which is why I've been the crankiest bitch EVER today. See the blog. OMG. Not fun.


    Interesting and Insightful Impressions of the Internets. I'm Impressed.


    Yay you!


    Wonderful I Miss Norma!


    I love it! The post and the internet. When we first got it, my kids were at those very vulnerable ages and I'd heard the horror stories of what they can get into with the internet. So of course I was harping on internet safety don't do this stay away from that what do you mean you disabled netnanny???? And now I do almost everything I warned them against: give out my home info, meet strangers, and even invite them to my house. It's so wonderful!


    Oh, brilliant I entry. I'm stuck still...


    Great entry. And so true.


    what a great I!! yay Norma!!!


    Indeed! It has been my pleasure, Norma.

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