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    Wednesday, March 08, 2006


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    Good luck with the work, Norma! (And the raging PMS--I understand, we're in sync here.) I'd give the anti-meme rant to you in Russian, but, you sneaky thing, you already have it!


    Oops--I meant raging non-PMS!


    Happy bloggiversary and have a nice break!

    -Lyssa (who dislikes memes almost as much as she dislikes people who ask if her hair color is "real")


    Wait, what about that super-special meme? You know, the one that's all the rage? Surely you'll answer it!

    Dude, I'm so with you. If I like a meme, I'll consider myself tagged... which, uhm, won't happen.


    (writes note: "Norma does not do memes")

    Have a lovely blog vacation. Wishing you lots of completed work, kick-ass yoga, and a good, healthy dose of Queen.


    Technically, it's not a meme if you have to tag to get someone to do it -- memes are supposed to be "viral ideas" (or some such mess) that catch on in a contagious way. Like a cold. Or bird flu. Or other pleasant little bugs.

    I avoid the "tagging" phenomena by having a blog that is read regularly by a whopping three people, and generally keeping my internet participation at the "lurk end of the scale." But I do love an anti-tagging rant, because this iteration of the meme incites a pedantry in me that's really irritating:-)

    And so, a hearty "you said it" to you.

    Rachel H

    Good for you.


    Take it easy,don't work too hard and only tell anyone what you want them to know !



    It's your blog and you can do whatever you want or don't want on it...that's the nice thing about blogs...and if peepil don't like it then they don't have to read there.
    Now, Norma...some of us are really envious of you living in Vermont with your town meetings and people that have the balls to say it is time to impeach the president...and take a vote on it...and the idea could have a new slogan...we are the anti-SouthDakota...


    first of all no comment on the onomotopea of cunning linguists... I am a gutter wader what of it??

    and two- take the time for you want and need to keep you happy, healthy and (in)sane :)

    Ps... no tagging Norma for memes, she doesnt do them!
    Did I pass?? where is my gold star??

    Dave Daniels

    Happy bloggerversary. 2 years old and getting funnier every day.
    I, too, hate the "tag, you're it" thing. But, I'm over 20, so...
    "Cunning linquist"...isn't that a sexual act or a foreign dignitary? Whatever.
    And I loved this: "If I want you to know something about me in my blog, I'll tell you. Otherwise, stop being so nosy." Heh, sure.


    Awww...maybe you should come to Costa Rica with Kevin and I. Enjoy the time off.

    MaryB in Richmond

    Oh, well, bless your little heart for asking me! But I don't think all these people need to know all that personal stuff about me, so I think I'll just have to hush my mouth on this. You are just so sweet to ask me, though!

    (You SAID we could add "I don't do memes" in our own language, right? Well ... this is how a Southern lady says "Hell, no!")


    Lee Ann

    I wasn't around yesterday, or I would have happily served as one of your cunning non plus, normalement, je ne reponds pas aux memes. Unless, you know, I want to and I like them. But I'd rather decide that myself.

    Happy Blogiversary, happy resting (working)...


    Happy Blogiversary! We will miss you but you need to shut out the noise. God how I hate the noise. When will it end?

    Oops, sorry. See you soon.


    Happy, happy blogiversary! And happy blog vacation. So, how do you *really* feel about memes :-) Enjoy the hike, yoga and whatever else this time brings. And I'm with you on March - it s*cks -- I'm past overload too.


    Now I see why it was such a big deal for you to do mine! I feel very special. :)


    Have a nice blog vacation! Oh, and we tried that Elderberry extract as a tea (with a spoonful of sugar!) and Dan's feeling MUCH better... only 3 doses and he's doing great! Wish we had picked it up when I was sick... but now, he's getting over da'bug faster! Thank you very much for writing about this stuff! I believe in alternative medicine (note: alternative is the wrong word, "modern" medicine is the alternative to what people used to use!) and I had never seen anything like this... normally, we increase Vitamin C, add zinc to the diet and lower the heat in the house, but this elderberry stuff is great! Oh, I have made a note: don't tag Norma:)


    I knew I looked up to you for a reason.

    I don't do memes either. I hate being "told" that I should do it b'c I was tagged. I didn't ask for your silly assignment.

    So go, have fun. Take a few off. Hugs from me and Sue.


    I did a meme - it was 2 photos. Otherwise, I agree with you about the homework vibe of the things. So I will say right here, right now, "Mij niet maken memes"


    It's good to hear your taking a break to take care of YOU!


    Happy Belated Blogiversary!
    Have a great week - we will all be here when you get back.


    There once was a woman named Norma,
    Who said, "This is just to inform ya,
    I do nary a meme,
    That is today's theme,
    And I am not saying this pro forma.

    Take all the time you need! We'll be here.


    Oops, forgot close quote. Sigh.


    Happy blogiversary! Have a lovely minibreak. :)

    Seanna Lea


    I don't do memes in Japanese (with my preferred pronunciation for meme.


    Zut alors, je ne fais jamais les memes!

    (I can't remember the phrase in German or Latin, but I'm sure it was in my phrase book somewhere...)

    Happy bloggy day!


    Oh my god, how could I ever forget that I forgot that Norma doesn't do memes??? Well, I never would, which is why I haven't ever tagged you again. ; )

    Happy blog birthday, Norma! Two years!!

    Have a good break.


    Happy happy blogiversary, you home-E-oh, you! Two years already? And I feel like I've known you a lifetime. Go take care of yourself, hon. Love you. xoxoxoxo


    Happy 2nd'versary! Enjoy your *me* time. :)


    Verdammt, ich mache kein Memes!! (German) ...does that make me a cunning linguist?


    So, I'm reading this and thinking, oh shit, have I tagged Norma? But I know I haven't so I'm good, you're good, everybody's good. Except memes. Mems aren't good. Well, unless you like memes. Which you don't. Which is good. Oh crap, I'm going to shut up now. ;-)


    I got sucked into that one where you interview people and it quickly spiralled out of control, so now I'm reluctant to get involved in those things at all. They're more like chain letters than memes: do not break the chain! bad luck! bah. While I've responded to a few, I always decline to tag anyone in return, partly because I hate chain letters and partly because I'm always terrified of being the annoying kid that the other kids can't stand and wish they could ditch. Heh.

    Have a restful time to yourself, and don't go putting your back out with the yoga.


    Happy blogiversary, and enjoy your break! I think you've earned some "you" time - take care of yourself.


    "Jeg gider ikke svare på meme'r"
    That is Danish... except I dont know any Danish word for "meme"..

    Dena Shunra

    Well, my language is English, but I *do* translate from Hebrew, so here's the response to your I-don't-do-memes-in-other-languages meme (that is what it is, you know...)

    אני לא עושה מימים.

    אני לא עונה על שאלוני אינטרנט מאעפנים.

    The second is more in keeping with the general tone of your post, though...


    This is one of the most hysterical posts I've read! :-)
    Have a great break, don't think about memes!
    Ah, and in Portuguese: "Não faço memes!" :-))))


    Happy Blogiversary!! Enjoy your time off. We'll miss you. :-)


    Happy Blogiversary! Happy International Women's Day! and a very very happy National Norma Can Say Whatever The Hell She Wants Day! Enjoy. You will be missed while you take a few days off. But definitely enjoy your hike your yoga class. You totally deserve it :)


    So if we hear the word "tag" we can assume you're playing hide-and-seek?

    Steph VW

    What about mimes, how do you feel about them? What if the mime was really, really HOT?

    But really, mimes and memes? Both equally annoying.


    Happy Anniversary/Blogiversary, Norma! I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog a few months ago. :-) Enjoy your time away and here’s to getting lots of work done and enjoying some moments of silence and stillness.



    Happy Blogiversary! And enjoy your "time out." But, please return, because I just met you!


    If you make a button (or some nice person makes one for you), I want one, too.


    Polish: "Nie wypelniam memes"


    Norma doesn't do memes. Clarelight doesn't either. We are both cool. Therefore, cool people don't have to do memes to be cool!

    I'll miss you Norma, have a great break.


    Happy Blogiversary, and thank you, thank you for putting the meme thing into its proper place! Memes are right up there with "100 Things About Me" as being the two most aggravating things about blogging. I wish you'd write to my cousin for me and tell her "I don't do chain letters." She might believe you.


    Happy blogiversary. Hope you have a fun break.


    Happy blogiversary #2, and take good care.


    Happy Belated Blogversary and have a great meme free blogging break ;)

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