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    Saturday, March 11, 2006


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    Hooray for Saturday! I've taken DD to her basketball game where I did the snack-sale thing for a couple of hours, came home and hung up laundry, and now I am off to sell raffle tickets. It's spring, and the fundraisers are in bloom. Cheers!


    Happy Saturday!


    I'm glad you're back! Hooray for Elisabeth--her "translation" cracked me up!


    The translations were a hoot -- your stealth contest is even funnier. Yay Norma, glad you're back and feeling better.

    Good job on kickin' the Coke. I'm fast approaching 365 days on my kick. ; ) You can do it.


    Okay, I wasn't skimming, I really wasn't. Until I started reading Elisabeth's entry---holy smokes. Too freaking heavy for me at this time of morning. I kept thinking...isn't Mm and Mm = M2m2? Yeah, I know. More coffee, please...

    Love love love the baby hat. Looks so soft and warm.

    Dave Daniels

    OOhhhhhh, so THAT's what it's all about? The Diet Coke. Heh, and here I thought it was just raging hormones. (Or is that whore moans?) Hahahahaha
    Get back outside and play, it's nice out there.


    Oooh - I think I have some wool that needs to be tiny baby hats and socks! Thanks for the heads up :-)


    Oh, I definitely have something that will work for baby hats - thanks for spreading the word!

    Teresa C

    That long and no headache? Mine is something like 48 hours since my last cuppa and I have a headache. I'm off to brew right now!


    No diet coke. And no headache. Hmm. Miracle? Or karma from telling off memers. I wonder..


    You're a brave woman Norma! I think about getting the Diet Coke monkey off my back often but I'm weak :)

    Have a great weekend!


    Glad the headache is gone and you've done teh yoga and hike. We've shopped for kid's basketball wear and hiking shoes for the kid and I. The sun is shining and it is about 9C and the snow is melting all over the place.


    Wow... How long are you going w/o Diet Coke?
    I keep thinking about giving it up (even the caffeine free kind, which is my main addiction). But I've yet to find a replacement beverage that I can get my hands on reliably. I keep trying to substitute water, but I miss the fizz (and a taste).

    Klarbrunn makes this barely flaovred fizzy water -- no sweeteners of any kind, just some oil of whatever to flavor it. It's marvelous! Just enough taste to be interesting.... no calories.. no sugars, ... If I could get my hands on that, diet coke would be a thing of the past.... a distant memory...Alas, our local distributor (who you'd think would like to wean us all off of Coke products, since he's the Pepsi dealer) only wants to put out the sweetened stuff. Bleah.

    Perhaps we should start a support group.


    Glad you've made progress on the things you felt needed to be done. Enjoy Abigail's visit home!

    Lee Ann

    Um, yeah, no Diet Coke and no headache. Hmm indeed :-)

    So, sweetie, what I want to know is how you got the sudden burst of uncaffeinated energy...

    I'm going through two years of laundry baskets of "to file" papers. I'm feeling a little on the ill side. I'm sure this will pass if I can get to the bottom of the baskets. I should really stop watching HGTV programs on organisation...I'm driving myself batty :-)


    So, why the countdown (countup?) since your last diet Coke?


    I never thought this would happen to me! *blush* First of all, I'd like to thank the Academy--I mean University of Chicago--for my genetics training, especially Prof. Doug Bishop for teaching me the language of genetics. And I'd like to thank all of the other cunning linguists who were nominated--it was a priveledge to be among you all! And I'd like to thank my agent--wait, I don't have an agent--well, my future agent anyway. And all the people who believed in me along the way. And I'd like to thank my beloved husband who never doubted I could do it. And my third grade Reading teacher who recognized I needed glasses and sent me on my way to geekdom, and--"

    *music swells, deafening the listeners, and the winner is slowly led off stage while throwing kisses*

    Donna K.

    I would have fainted by now without Diet Coke in my system. It's the only vice in life since I've given up chocolate and junk food. Happy Saturday!!


    Very efficient titling job there, Norma! And good for you for the Diet Coke. Considering how health-conscious you are, I can't believe you have a soda habit (grin).


    Glad your headache is gone! Thanks for the link to Afghans for Afghans--that's such a cute hat! Good for you for giving up Diet Coke. I have a huge Diet Pepsi habit myself and one of these days I'll follow your lead...


    I like the way you casually threw in there, "but if I'd read the site first." Is it a form of skimming to not follow links????


    I love it when you say wicked.

    Glad you're feeling a bit better too. Go look at my damn blog and have a laugh at my expense okay? Yeah. Yeah.


    This is my first chance to get to a computer since Friday! I missed Blogland and all my buddies more than I should. It is so good to hear you had some time for yourself and yet you still selflessly knitted caps for others.
    We had a lovely dinner with Laurie last night...what a dear, as you know. AND, I came home to big box of know, the nut free kind;-)
    Well, grrlie...I love you and thank you for all you do for me and all you do to keep the world warm. MWWWAAAHH!!


    the group i craft with for charity does monthly projects, and this month's projects is a4a. i've got one hat/bootie set done, and am going to cast on a second as soon as i finish the cloud hat for dulaan. this will be oject #2 for dulaan (i know, i've been slacking, sigh). your hat is cute, i have that book as well. i made the little sweater, but i got off some how, and it ended up being big enough for a 4 year old, lol.


    Thank you! Mmm, rabbity goodness...

    I knew those French classes would come in handy one day!


    OK, I'm back from vacay and I love the hat and I'm touched that you were inspired to do it. It looks warm enough to me. xox Kay

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