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    Monday, March 13, 2006


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    Dave Daniels

    Estrogen patch? I wish they had a testosterone patch. Oh, wait, that could be dangerous!
    Is there supposed to be something WRONG with your assortment of projects? I don't see it. I WISH I had that many projects started, to be able to jump from one to the other at any time. Wassupwidat?


    Hmm...just giving yourself freedom of choice, right? Wouldn't want to get bored with your project and have nothing else to work on, would you? I thought not.


    I am NOT going to the voo-doo doctor! It's TIME somebody whipped everybody into shape! It's not MY problem, dang it!
    Beth is back? Rhubarb and Raisin is back? I'm so happy. I didn't want to pry, you know.


    Life is full of tough choices. Estrogen replacement therapy, what knitting to finish, it's all tough.
    Risa is hosting a WIP it Wipe Out. I think you should consider joining!


    I've been on hrt for years - started with pills (too many headaches) then went to patch. (This was after trying every holistic therapy known to womankind.) Developed an allergy to the patch adhesive after a few years so am back on pills, but now I regulate my own dosage: 3mg on odd-numbered days and 4.5 on even. No headaches or skin rash and I feel great.


    sorry, that should have read .3mg and .45 mg.


    You have to make the right choice for you. I think I could only take so much before I would have to break down and take the estrogen patch. Scientiests never truly know the risk anyway, so what they tell you today can change tomorrow, as you well know.

    I love the various WIPs. Yeah, you probably are asking the wrong group, but then while my WIP list is expanding more than I like lately, all but one has not been worked on at all as of late.


    Risa is have a WIP Wipe Out...go join! As far as feeling good? WHATEVER WORKS!!


    Yay for doing what's right for YOU! Whatever works, everything in moderation, nothing lasts forever, blahblahblah. WooHooYou!

    What does this mean for the Diet Coke? ; )


    Do what makes Norma feel good, not what "they" tell you to do!! We like estrogen Norma so keep it up girl :-)

    PS I see nothing wrong with the above picture, just a girl who likes her wip's


    There's nothing wrong with that pile of WIPs. It looks just about right. And no need to run off to the WIP Wipe Out unless you feel like there are too many WIPs in your life.

    Laura J

    So I am not the only one house-cleaning because the Kid is coming home for Spring Break. Good.


    The only thing that seems to be wrong with the pile of wips is that there are cardigans in the pile that you want to wear. So pick one and get moving. I had been thinking about Beth recently as I have a pile of Rowan 4 ply yorkshire tweed I want to do something with. I'm still mulling. My urgent need for a cardigan has been filled by Steph (And She Knits Too) giving me her retro-prep because it was too big for her but fit me. Perfect colour and everything.

    As for the sock, I think your husband knows you well enough not to take it personally :-)


    That looks like a perfectly reasonable amount of unfinished objects. and I *love* that orange. It looks like it's glowing.


    Don't think of it as a pile of WIP's. Think of it as, umm...installation art. A statement on the importance of beauty and process and choice in this age of um...consumer crap.


    I read the Conjurer's Bird the other day (in four hours), and I can easily say that this is the best book I have read in a long time. I easily read 50-75 books a year. All my favorite authors have seemed stale lately and something fresh has been hard to come by. The Conjurer's Bird is fresh, original and clever. It made me think alot about my own motivations for things. I haven't had a book make me savor it in a long time! Thank you for pointing it out!!


    Glad you're feeling more lively! Hmm, I'm not really seeing a problem in that picture... ;) Looks like a pile o' stuff I have at home (albeit with different colors).


    I enjoyed looking at your pile of WIP. I've been feeling paralyzed by mine lately. I just joined the WIP Wipe out and I'm hoping it will help be get through a few of them.

    Donna K.

    Estrogen patch? Have you checked out bio-identical hormones? They are compounded to match your body and more natural than the patch.
    Enjoy your time with Abbey!


    Lovely pile... wish it was mine.. but eh.. is it me or are you in fact counting clockwise - not counterclockwise as stated?
    Sorry - I should go out more often..


    What is up with you? "Does that look about right?" Pish-tush. No, not hardly enough WIPs. I'd start a few new things RIGHT NOW.


    Oh Norma, you're scaring me. I just went off birth control (yesterday was the day I should have started up a new pack and I decided not to). So I'm OFF the low-dose estrogen for the first time in my adult life. I'm worried about what that will do to my (hormone-induced) migraines.


    Norma, it’s good to know you are feeling much better. WHOOHOO! (how’s that for a ‘whoohoo’, eh?!) From what I understand, being a newbie, it would be strange if you one did not have at least 2 or 3 (or 4 or 5…) works in progress, right?! Your little blue hat looks scrumptiously warm. I share your joy in the giving of warmth to those who are especially in need.

    Have a great week with your daughter and her friends. My ‘babies’ are 11 and 12 (well, my 12 year old is officially a “twelve-teen”), but the time has already gone so fast…!

    Have a great week with your daughter and her friends. My ‘babies’ are 11 and 12 (well, my 12 year old is officially a “twelve-teen”), but the time has already gone so fast…!



    Hmmm, that is just a few WIPs, huh?



    Also, Hoo!

    Grin. Glad to be of service.

    Now, that is a paltry and pathetic WIP and you need to do better. Go cast on 10 or 20 more projects and then talk to me.


    As for the estrogen, girl, I feel ya. I am so sick and tired of being taken for a ride by my pituitary gland. Jaysus. I've read some theorizing that *HUMAN* derived hormones (or recombinant copies of same) are much safer than the animal-derived ones. I believe the patches have human hormones.

    I'm going to call and finally make that appointment with my doctor...I'd really like to believe that at 36, this isn't the issue, but, well...


    You know, if you really wanted one of those items for your wardrobe, you'd prioritize finishing it. I suspect your wanting of the finished item takes a backseat to the small, swiftly completed projects that equal relaxation for you after a hellish day.


    Hi Norma - how about you join Risa's Kal on WIP Wipe out?? LOL :-) Check it out!


    You're not half as bad as I am, if those are all of your WIPs. And lovely WIPs they are too.

    I'd write more, but I have to go find some estrogen.


    No, there's nothing at all wrong with that number of WIPs. In fact, my WIP count is currently only 3--now that's abnormal. And yours are so beautiful too. As far as the estrogen is concerned, if it helps, use it!


    Does having a lot of WIPs make you a knitting dominatrix? Just curious.

    Take it from a scientist. Studies are crap. Nobody knows for sure what's going on with estrogen. And everybody's studies are different and probably none of them address the actual specifics of your case. If the patch enables you to live a normal life then it's a good thing!


    That's it; those are your only WIPs. Pathetic.


    What a lovely pile of UFO's!
    Estrogen patch.............hmmmmmmm.........

    Beth S.

    I'm so glad to see Rhubarb and Raisin again. I love those colors together--it was an inspired choice. :-)

    And I feel like you do about the WIPs getting out of hand. It doesn't stop me from casting on something new if I really really really want to, but it *does* make me feel remorseful afterwards. And sometimes a little ill, too, like eating too much at Thanksgiving. ;-)


    I checked out his book from the library, and read it very fast. It's a great book! And your WIP amount seems very close to I see nothing wrong!

    Rachel H

    Definitely asking the wrong crowd. I don't see a problem there at all. Glad you're feeling like You again. Really glad.


    Glad you're feeling more yourself. Hope Abigail (and you) have a good visit! Don't stare at the WIP pile, even if your normal WIP hiding places have been displaced by visitors. Go out and have fun with your daughter :)

    Giving you a w00tw00t. Yes, I'm a geek...

    Lee Ann

    Excuse me, but if I remember correctly, Company Norma of the Dulaan Brigade has been a little bit busy churning out FOs...

    (actually, I think you asked the *right* crowd ;-))


    I finished the Conjurer's Bird over the weekend and absolutely loved it. I inhale books and particularly love mysteries (reading 4-5 books or more in a week is normal for me) and this one was well written and kept me interested and entertained the whole way through. Now I'll have to find his other books! I was a life science/wildlife bio major and found the scientific stuff fascinating enough that I'm looking for books on Cook and Banks to read more! My oldest daughter is a recent Enviro Sci major and is next in line to read it. Thanks for the recommendation!! Oh, and my pile of WIPs rivals yours. Isn't it supposed to look like that?



    Anything that gets rid of headaches has to be a good thing.

    I think you need more things in your pile, btw. They seem a little lonely.

    Teresa C

    I am feeling inspired to pull out some of my WIPs that are languishing. Which means they aren't really in progress are they? It is only thanks to my estrogen patch that I can even think about it. Reminds me......I need to change mine.


    HooWoo! Wait...

    Glad you're feeling better. Whatever it takes.


    Did I comment yet? I can't remember and I'm just too fricking lazy to scroll through the thousands of comments! Hee~
    So, I comment again. Or not. Whatev.
    You ARE asking the wrong crowd! It looks right to me, Unless you are looking for those size needles to start another project. Then you have to either
    1~finish something quick
    2~take it off the needles and put stitches on a yarn
    3~buy more needles.
    They all work, really!
    Read more.


    Well you can see the table beneath and remember what each thing is. That's not so bad :)


    So glad you're feeling better. i want to roll around in your UFOs, but if I did that i might get impaled by a needle. can't wait to see ribby cardi!


    I'm just happy you're feeling better. Do they have special UFO patches? Wouldn't that be cool? You put the patch on and it gives you special powers to knit WICKED fast and motivates your ass to finish everything you have that's unfinished. Let's get going on the invention of that!


    Well, if it helps those awful headaches you've been getting, I'm all for it. I hate it when you're miserable like that.

    And, that's an.... um.... impressive pile of WIPs you've got going there. Just don't ask me to show mine, ok?


    Looks like about the right amount to me. You have given me something to think about with the estrogen. At almost 50 I keep thinking I should "ride it out". Maybe not. Maybe that is why I am so darned tired these days.
    Thanks. I always enjoy what I find here every day.


    Glad that you are feeling good! I also have a mean pile of WIPs -- oh well!


    What a great solution for the little blue hat! I can just imagine how soft and thick it is. I have always wondered when you are knitting for others (charity) whether you hesitate to use natural fibers that might be hard for the recipient to take care of or be ruined by machine washing. On the other hand, if I limit myself to acrylic blends for this type of knitting, I don't knit as much because I dislike the yarns.

    Next topic: I have had plenty of time to read The Conjurer's Bird in the extremely early morning hours. For me, low estrogen=not much sleep. Just when you learn to deal with one phase of life, another one comes along!

    julia fc

    Glad you're feeling more yourself!
    The pile reinforces that too! Looks perfect. Love the HOC, or high orange (and friends) content!

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