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    Sunday, March 12, 2006


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    Cute hat


    great idea well done:-)


    You are resourceful! I'm getting a bit overwhelmed with all these dedicated knitters. I would have given up at one layer. And it looks great.


    Very cute. I thought Crash was very powerful. That said, we saw Brokeback Mountain last night and I was really moved -- I would have voted for Brokeback Mountain if I was an member of the Academy.


    The hat is adorable!


    I made myself a double layer hat this year, and it is so much warmer than even two color single layer! The baby(ies) will appreciate it since they lose so much heat through their relatively large heads! Creative knitting thinking outside the box.

    Teresa C

    That child will have one warm head.

    You know, you might get fewer headaches if you went to bed a little earlier. "Just sayin'."


    Nice job! And the description of how you did it is quite helpful. Thanks!


    Makes me happy too. It is cute beyond belief!


    Very cute, and now extra comfy. I love seeing Norma-innovations.


    How clever! And very cute. :)


    What a smartypants you are.


    Beautiful little hat! I love the colors!


    Baby hats? So cute! Double knit baby hats? So smart! Yay Norma!

    Speaking of the Academies (we were, weren't we?), the CatMan and I have begun referring to our black cat as "Crunchy Black" and then breaking into "It's Hard Out Here For A Pimp". Yep, 2 middle-age white Vermiters singing about the gritty urban life of a pimp. Is it spring yet, cause I'm thinking we gotta get out more!


    Awww - that's so bright and cheery and warm looking. Great job, as always :-)


    Crash was indeed an incredible film. I watched it Saturday night and was so moved. What did you think?

    This is the 1st year I've felt compelled to watch movies that were nominated and/or won Oscars. In addition to Brokeback Mountain, I also have Memoirs of a Geisha and Mrs. Henderson Presents on my list of must-watch-movies.

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