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    Saturday, November 05, 2005


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    I avoided cleaning by reading your blog. I avoided cleaning by knitting. And then I avoided cleaning by spinning. I love the rosey terracotta colors from the KoolAid. You are the queen of avoidance!


    I avoid reading the news by reading your blog. Please continue up-chucking for a long, long time.
    Which quilt did you order? There were three that were pending. Was it the one with all the hearts? That would so suit a cynical pragmatic person like you, and it made me smile.


    I too will do anything to avoid cleaning, ironing etc. Currently reading blogs and knitting a glove to do so.


    Well, thanks for the Kool Aid dyeing pictures. It's a much prettier color than I got but it's still sort of pink. Does everything dyed in Kool Aid turn out pink? Hmmmmm.
    Good job with the avoidance thing but I know better.


    I WISH I could avoid things these days. Unfortunately I have to be a good girl and work. I'm tired. Tonight I will avoid thinking about tomorrow by knitting. Knitting, knitting, knitting.

    Do we get to see Sandy II? What's up with that?

    I've got tons of yarn to Kool-Aid dye - I'd love to know Ann's technique, but it seems the link to Susan isn't working - at least for me. Have a great avoidance day!


    Hiya Norma! What is it with court reporters that during the week we do anything to avoid that damn transcript, and then on the weekends or nights we curse ourselves for not having gotten it done to begin with? I proofread four jobs yesterday, ranging from 15 pages to 200 pages...UGH. Entered corrections last night...will print today...knitting? Who knows! I cast on a sweater on Wed. (that was an issue, let me tell you...) and hopefully can work on it some this coming week...but my schedule looks I'm thinking NOT BLOODY LIKELY!!

    Oy. Enough of me. Have a happy day.


    as we speak I am avoiding grocery shopping!


    Avoidance is good for the soul. No one does it better than I do. If I don't do laundry today I will be out of everything.
    The dye job looks marvelous! Susan/Anne's method is something I've really got to try. Here is the link to Susan's blog.

    martha in mobile

    Wow -- I feel like I'm on a raft on an avoidance tributary of the Norma Stream of Consciousness.


    Hey, are you accusing me of putting inaccurate info on my blog! ;-)
    Maybe the methods only works at high altitude.
    Did I tell you your yarn looks nice.


    Did I mention the sock I'm currently working on? Pattern calls for size 2s. So naturally I start it on size 1s. The thing is still to frickin' big!!! I don't even know where to get smaller needles than size 1. Nor do I know if I even want to go there!!! I'll be making socks on toothpicks. And probably break them every other round. Ugh!


    I'm currently avoiding my weekly meal plan *and* cleaning the bathrooms, so I thank you :-) Nothing like a wee bit of poking around on the net to take the place of chores, especially when doing so is so entertaining!

    Lee Ann

    I'm avoiding ordering carders and a niddynoddy...

    I can't hold out.


    What kind of pot did you use? And if you think even balls will get you Google hits - just wait on that one.

    Dave D

    Hey, seeing that you got started cleaning the kitchen, I decided to "try" doing that, too. There's lots of yucky stuff, when you really stop and look. I found that the basil plants are over run with tiny white flies, so I threw them out. Then it dawned on me that the (only) window had NEVER been cleaned, so I set out to wash it with lots of vinegar and water. Now that I can see how gross the kitchen is, I ordered Mexican takeout for dinner. And I plan on frogging the sweater.
    Thanks for the kitchen inspiration. Please don't do your bathroom an y time soon. Please.


    You have inspired me and I just visited the local store and got 25 packets of different Koolaid flavors--tomorrow, I will out :).


    No 8s for socks? Isn't that what you'd normally use for worsted in a sweater or something? I'd go for a tighter gauge in socks. they wear better. otherwise, good avoidance. Who cares if the kitchen sparkles?

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