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    Wednesday, November 30, 2005


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    Emergen-C power, flavor raspberry. At the health food store. Always cures my headaches (and whatever else ailes me).


    Ice at the back of the neck also helps with headaches, oddly enough. That, and neck rolls to loosen all the muscles (not that you in any way could have a tension headache, what with the ultra light work schedule and all).


    Liquor. The answer is liquor. And alpaca/silk.

    You're welcome.


    The only headache cure I can think of is eating 8 raw almonds. It has worked for me in the past. :)

    Hope you are feeling better very soon!


    8 raw almonds? Why have I never heard this before??
    Um....what was I going to say..
    Oh, chanting. You are not a TV watcher, but George Kostanza's father on Seinfeld will YELL: SERENITY NOW!
    That's always a good chant!
    Cheers to your head. May it stop hurting.
    ~raises diet coke glass


    Ach! I just got done looking at your feelin' sexy photo on Emma's Frappr map! How about the gel face masks that you can chill in the freezer.....they have the advantage of making you look like CatWoman! I have done many a task while wearing them. Even. watching. adult. movies. Ahem.


    Sorry about the headache. Sorry about the workload. Hope today is a better day.


    I can understand why other careers are busier during the holidays, but a court reporter? Please explain.

    I have no headache remedies because I almost never get headaches. However, I have bad skin, so it all comes out in the wash. At least you can *look* beautiful even if you feel like Grendel inside.

    Rachel H

    You're far too young to be eccentric. Embrace the insanity. And get thee to a really good massage. Sometimes they're the only cure for tension headaches that're kicking your ass. Better yet, come spend a few days sleeping on Stephanie's living room floor, and I'll come over and give you a shoulder rub. I've been told I'm very good at them.

    Laura J

    You need to go to Linda Diak ('s opening on Saturday. It'll fix you right up.

    Stalker Angie

    Sex. Sex cures headaches. If it doesn't, you know longer care about it for a while. I haven't tried sex while eating almonds though. Hehe


    Work might be insane, but you are just quirky. ;)
    Send the headache to someone who deserves it, 'kay?


    Have you used the peppermint yet that you received from your Better Pal? I sprinkle a few drops on the shower floor before I get in and it helps start my day. Dabbed on your forehead, it will help a tension headache.

    (And I am really curious to know what, in the post above, would cause the spaminator to awaken.)


    Accupuncture? It has certainly helped me in the past.


    I often wonder how many times I have to be slammed by something on a regular basis in order to stop being surprised! Way too many!!! Hope you feel better and get some of that work done.

    Beth S.

    The weather makes me go a little off-kilter, too.

    My headache cure? Lots and lots of water, and a coupla Advil. ;-)


    Hmm, I think that microwave chocolate cake you mention occasionally might take the edge of the work and the headache. Chocolate makes everything better, right?

     Lee Ann

    I got nuthin' for that, save a bunch of hugs to you. Oh, and something I'll send in a little while...


    I am sorry for your headache. Hope by the time this reaches you it has gone away. Huggs ((((Norma))))


    No, no. Eccentric, not pathetic.....eccentric, not pathetic, eccentric, not pathetic....


    I agree with Rachel H, some bodywork is in order. A good massage, or a chiropractic adjustment and my tension headaches are gone, gone, gone.


    Hope you're feeling better!!!


    Hey! Are you trying to insinuate that there is something *wrong* with insanity? I'm straddling the line pretty close here ;>


    Crazy (eccentric) people live longer!
    I'm really pushing this idea. If I get more people to be crazy, er, eccentric, then I look better.
    The headache? Almost certainly the weather. Go lie down.


    Crazy (eccentric) people live longer!
    I'm really pushing this idea. If I get more people to be crazy, er, eccentric, then I look better.
    The headache? Almost certainly the weather. Go lie down.

    julia fc


    feel better?


    I'm with you on the workload -- I'm always swamped between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Hope that the headache's better. Lots of water -- that's my suggestion.


    ditto to the comment about acupuncture; the shift in weather (no matter when it happens, the calendars are simply guides in some cases) can lead to imbalances in chi. I've found that it helps keep headaches at bay.

    I've also found (just recently) that chanting things to the internet works about 15x better then chanting silently. I hope things even out soon...

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