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    Friday, November 18, 2005


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    Bears have bathrooms in the woods? I thought they just shit in the woods. Hunh. Who knew?


    Still can't make up my mind who I like best Jack, Sayid or Sawyer. They all have their good points :-) I wish I could knit things for my DH in front of him but he is way too sharp. I was knitting a scarf for Anne's appeal last night and he looked at me and said" Who's that for? I don't remember you saying you were knitting a scarf for anyone?"
    Can't get away with a thing. I swear he must be totalling up what is im my stash -- I hope not! He'll have a fit!


    Oh, boy, my lack of coolness is showing because I do NOT know who that is. I suppose, though, that you were not really knee deep at the beach with he who sits atop water.
    Can't fool me!
    What yarn is the hub socks?
    And finally, for this Friday edition comment session, your spinning is golden. Rumplestilskin has nothing on you.

    Dave Daniels

    OK, so that red Portland. Me thinketh we may/should have a cyber spinning competition? Give me a fw months to practice first. Your twists are looking so great.


    You get more Wacko everyday, grrlfriend. Frappr dappr do! Grrl, I love that map, too!

    Teresa C

    Jack is good, but Sayid is so hot! Steamy hot. Mmmmmm.

    Your spinning looks awesome!


    Jack's OK, but House--he da bomb. He can leave cracker crumbs in my bed anytime.

    Rachel H

    No No, don't put Dave back in his shell! Keep him out to create more fun images for you to post and amuse us with. D'ya think he'd do the same for me with Hugh Laurie? (what can I say - I've got a thing for tall, dark, blue eyed, fictional and dour)

    Love your spinning. A friend is going to lend me a wheel to play with which I hope to pick up in the next week or so and I'M SO EXCITED. But, um, Norma? the husband question about the birthday socks? (did you go with that pattern from Menknit without the cable, btw?)If he did't actually recognize it as a sock in progress, you have some work to do. Set out sock patterns with dpns on them in places he frequents in the home to subliminally implant the connection. After the birthday socks are finished of course.

    julia fc

    Everyone at my house is so damned picky, I dare not stealth knit for any of them. I've done it in the past, had my heart broke by lukewarm recpetion. Now, I involve the reciever in every stage of the production, even coming to the yarn store with me to pick out the yarn.
    You are brave, and lucky to be married to such an accepting guy.


    Heh. I just watched the first two episodes of Lost (season 1) last night.

    The new bobbin of Portland looks lovely.


    That picture is hilarious!


    I am cracking up with that picture -- it's Plain Vanilla a bit heavy for the beach??

     Lee Ann

    I'm knitting a snow tire for my husband.
    A black llama snow tire, to be exact. Straight from the bobbin after plying, I'm in such a hurry.

    I am bothering to pick out the vegetable matter first, though...

    Need. Real. Carders.


    I love you so much, Cousin. I almost fell off my chair laughing when I saw that picture. I love that you don't even watch the show and you have a *huge* crush on Jack.


    I LOVE that you don't know what he's doing and vice versa. LOVE it. G and I have such a wonderful relationship because we do our own thing. And we rarely watch the same thing on TV. (Bascially because I refuse to be in the same room with anything Faux News related on TV.)

    You're so funny - fun with PS. That shit can get you in trouble.


    I keep thinking "frappr" and "crappr" but can't work them into a sentence together. I don't know why, but I think you might be able to; in a good way. ; ) I've been admiring all your photos on the Frappr maps, by the way.

    My DH and I are often in adjoining rooms, each doin' our own thing. I like it that way.

    Beth S.

    Is it just me, or is there something vaguely Gryffindorish about those socks? ;-)


    That photo's hilarious!! Dave obviously has too much time on his hands. ;-)


    I used to watch Lost. Until I had a nightmare that I was trapped on an island with crazy people (hmmm, sounds suspiciously like my work situation). Now, hubby says, "I'm going to watch Lost," and I head straight into the bedroom.

    Lovely spinning. You should see what's on my spindle right now. It looks like a sorry excuse for a rope. One day, I hope to produce something resembling yarn.


    Wait - was that an ENTIRE POST without any sailor talk in it? And you had a perfectly good opportunity for it too... :)

    PS - why are you playing football in the water? And isn't it hot for that sweater? ;)


    Hey, MY husband would recognize those right away as "manly" socks and start salivating. He keeps hoping I will get over the hump in my sock-knitting-machine learning curve and crank out a dozen or so pair. I used to make all of his boot socks, back in the early days of our love, but am too busy with all my other knitting and life anymore (at least I got him health insurance :)


    Every time I see a picture of plain vanilla I think to myself: "self, that's a nice looking sweater. You really ought to knit something *like that.*" This variation on the presentation of the sweater had my giggling with no idea who you were referring to - I'm outta the tv loop. (unless it's Greys Anatomy; I love House but trying to count on watching a show during the week is too complicated to schedule in.)

    (the spinning is beautiful; do bears really go to the bathroom in the woods....?)


    I live in the House of Malaprop, so it's "Does the Pope poop in the woods?" Which leads to "Is a bear Catholic?"

    My husband today referred to my knitting as "feral knitting". Not quite, sweetie.


    Love you too, grrl. That is pretty great progress. The singles are looking thinner, more regular. Nice. And I love the sock. It is a beautiful manly thing to behold.

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