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    Saturday, November 26, 2005


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    Cool beans!
    You look toasty.


    GORGEOUS! Now that you're hooked on handspun (get me with the thematic alliteration), I'll be watching to see what you make with YOURS.


    It IS hard to take your own picture! (One of the things I like best about my current camera--the LCD screen can pivot so you can point the camera at yourself and see what you're doing. Helpful, but when I try, it still takes me several shots to get everything right! The hat looks just marvelous.


    Beautiful hat and scarf set! Very flattering, and you don't look pin-headed in the slightest. Honest :-)


    A Harlot Handspun Hat! How cool! (sorry, I couldn't think of another word beginning with "h" that didn't make me sound like a dork). The hat looks great and it will keep you warm. Enjoy!

    The Knitting Kit

    What a nifty knitted nicety nesting on your noggin, Norma! And it's Yarn Ho's yarn you used, how unique!

    You look great. :)


    I really like the KSH after the brim. Nice touch. Claudia tells me a tripod works wonders. She is correct.


    Realy lovely !
    They'll make winter more bearable.


    How happy Harlot Homespun has made you look. Homey, happy, homespun will keep you happy and hopefully warm. Haze was a happy addition. Nice work!

    Rachel H

    Rats. Here I was thinking all sorts of 'h' words to use in my comment, but Margene beat me to it. Lovely hat!


    What is involved in looking pinheaded? Just wondering...


    You are very welcome. There's special energy in handspun, I'm glad you made the most of yours...
    There's nothing worse than handspun going to waste.

    Elizabeth D

    Norma -- one year, oh so long ago, I made mohair berets for all my coworkers, from the pattern in Homespun Handknit. To this day, more than 10 years later, it's the only hat one [very fussy about her hair] coworker will wear, because it doesn't squish her "do." Another, somewhat different, former coworker loves hers because it's the perfect hat to wear under a bike helmet on your ride to work in Boston. Check it out -- it may suit.

    julia fc

    yum. and you look so cute. It's that "does this make my chin look multiple?" pose. I know it well.


    You have the best skin. Really. And that is saying something coming off of Thanksgiving. you know, the golden turkey skin and all.
    Never mind. But you do. Have dewlike skin.
    And a nice hat and scarf set.
    Did I say "NICE"? I meant Wonderous!


    A co-pinhead wants that pattern. It's perfect. Hats just suck on me. I'm not sure what it is, but they always appear to be eating my head.

    Lee Ann

    Wow, you're a Harlot Handspun Hattie Hottie...


    Now, go make something with your own handspun.


    ha - love the handspun hat - I agree with Lee Ann - go forth etc. Ummm... now do you realize no one just gives away their handspun without a teensy tiny ulterior purpose?


    the set is be-HUE-tiful! There's nothing like seeing handspun used in a perfect project. (unless it's being able to touch said handspun project, that is...)


    Pretty hat 'n scarf on a pretty girl!


    Very simple and elegant! I approve. :)

    I've never really considered spinning for myself. Y'know... something about not enough hours in the day and all, or the do I really need another hobby question. But the whole idea of being able to gift another knitter with something you've spun and see them create something out of it is amazing. I'm attracted to that. I still doubt that I could find any time for spinning, but I really like the idea of gifting handspun yarn to another knitter. It makes the finished object so much more than just a hat or a scarf.

    Teresa C

    You look great in that hat! Tempting me to make one for myself, and that is saying something. And what Sandy said. I would kill for your skin.


    super duper cute--the hat and scarf too.


    You look **so** cute in you hat and scarf!


    What a beautiful set and with the addition of KSH, it must feel yummy!


    I bet that hat is pretty warm. The color looks great on you and how sweet of the Harlot to part with some of her handspun.

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