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    Monday, October 31, 2005


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    Will check the LYS, they carry tons of Berroco yarns.


    Only 1 ball:

    Did you check for stock at these places?

    (Many apologies if you already investigated these! I don't have a LYS, so unfortunately I can't check there....)


    I just checked my LYS and they have it. Here is the link:

    Look under products and under brand.

    If you want, I can pick it up for you on Tuesday and mail it out. They are close on Mondays.


    I know Granny had a few skeins of Furz--what colors--I don't know...If you don't find it by Wed. I will look too.

    Lee Ann

    You're a sweet mum to go searching...

    My e-mails to you are bouncing again. :-( The AOL server is sending back failure messages...


    Believe it or not, I saw Furz at Webs the other day. :) Let me know if you want me to try and pick some up for you. They had lots of BAGS of it.


    Isn't that the way of it?? Pushed to the limit, poor Mom.


    If you don't watch out, you may wind up with a checkered apron. And then be obligated to wear it.

    Rachel H

    What a good Mum you are. That hat does look great, so I can understand why Abigail would want another one.


    Hey, Norma. Just to let you know, when I loaded in the site this morning, you had no wallpaper and pretty much no formatting. Looked pretty bare bones...but the comments page looks normal. You may not have cried wolf after all.


    Sounds like you're all set with the furz. Isn't blogging just great? Happy Halloween, Miz Norma!


    You realize you should probably buy a whole bag of this stuff for the next time she asks for a replacement, Cousin. It may be easy to find it now, but in a year? Maybe not so much.


    Oh good! The benefit of getting to the blog a bit later in the day is that there's already a happy ending! I was going to suggest she learn to love the red, but looks like she'll get the white she wants.


    I just gave away two balls, but navy, to the local senior housing complex for the ladies to use. Day late, and all that. Any messages you'd like me to bring to the Utah Grrls? I expect to meet up with Margene and Susan, maybe Anne, on Thursday!


    Apparently the knitbloggers are taking a break from spoiling their own children to help you spoil yours! It would be bad practice to ever turn down a child's request for a handknit.......mustn't let that happen. xox Kay


    So glad you found it! I would be so sad if you hadn't!

    Elizabeth N.


    I have a partial sweater finished and need furz, vanilla 3801, do you have any more leads? I periodically look for this, then after a while stop looking...I wish they would make more.

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