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    Monday, October 24, 2005


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    LOL...I must suffer from the same thing and I just blogged about it too--what could it be...hmm, the call of the yarn (used to be "the call of the wild).


    Wow. Superhero Norma. I never could concentrate that well. But you know, you could think of this as "spreading the love" instead of ADD. You might as well go for knits in abundance. It is a concentration of startitis ;)


    Welcome to my world (the one of too many things to do and not enough time). ;-)

    You'll get it back and be showing us lots of completed projects in no time.


    You know what? I'm not in the least bit worried about you and your projects.... I know you finish things. You've just started a few more than you're used to having in progress.

    Are you in imminent danger of running out of fiber?


    I'm with you.


    ironic: Ann is reading Norma's entry all about concentration. She gets to the part about the Backyard Leaves Scarf. Hmmmm, she made one of these too. Hmmmmm, what edging charts??

    ironic, no?


    Concentration? My excuse is that I got pregnancy vagueness and it never really went away ;)


    nope... at this age, we're in it for the ride.. But!!! you can feel the power (can't you?).


    I have been eyeing that scarf too. And once I finish my "obligatory" knitting--I am going to start some of MY knitting. St. Brigid, Rogue...all dusty.

    rock chick

    Heavier yarn for socks. Goddamnit. So having a "Doh!" moment now re: having given instructions to the people I'm knitting socks for. It could still be ugly, but the whole sordid matter would be over that much sooner.


    Oh, Norma, you are going to love knitting that scarf. I made one for the Red Scarf Project and I honestly wanted to keep it because I loved it so much. I wish I had used Aurora 8, because I think it's perfect for the pattern -- soft and has a nice loft to really give the leaves nice depth.

    And you haven't lost your concentration -- you are multitasking!


    I'm not really sure I consider this lack of concentration. I'm one of those uber concentrators myself and I have a bunch of stuff I'm knitting. I call it prioritizing. What needs my attention first? To me, the fact that you can knit (or spin) for any prolonged length of time immediately cancels out the whole lack of concentration argument.

    That's my take and I'm sticking to it. ;-)

    Rachel H

    Um, I'm not really sure I see a problem here.


    I think your behavior is really normal. Mind you, I'm still I don't know how much that helps.


    I started a new knitting project a few days ago, putting me up to seven on the needles...

    What if you use the Dulaan mittens for the warm hands knitalong?


    In the middle of a Koigu footie yesterday, I suddenly wondered about your Beth. Nice to see the photo, she may feel stalled but she's going to be incredible when she's finished. (My sympathies for the attention-span thing. I started the footies to avoid a lace stole, a Lavold cardigan, and a toddler sweater.)

    Dave D

    I love that Vineyard sock, those are my colors. What size needles are you using? Very vool pattern.


    You mean it's not typical to have seventeen projects on needles? Hmmm.
    Love the's on my list...oops, make that eighteen.


    yeah, and the problem is.......? Seriously, that's not a lack of concentration. It seems to me it's evidence of perfect concentration, bordering on fixation. On knitting! In any shape or form, you're obviously thinking about knitting, and that's good enough for me :)


    My sister in ADD!! At least you Had It once. I don't believe I was even born with the stuff. Concentration to me was never more than a game show.


    Who needs concentration when you're having this much fun? It's a lot of different projects for you but you'll finish 'em because that's what you are. A finisher.


    I just had to say hi to a fellow knitter and survivor of court reporting school. And when I last gathered all my UFOs together for a count? I was in serious danger of a yarn avalanche. What a way to go...


    I find that sometimes I get on a starting kick. Then at other times I get on a finishing kick. And then I have this space where I just don'T have anything I want to knit. Nothing started because I did all that finishing.

    As long as your different projects are different kinds of knitting, requiring different skills or different levels of concentration, having lots of projects on the go can actually be productive. Something plain for those times when you want to knit what talking to someone or watching TV. Something that requires concentration (but you can't do that when too tired). Something small that you can finish quick when you feel like you want to see results (those mitts or the wee vest).

    Concentration is good for your work but maybe the rest of your life needs different personality traits.


    My theory is that if you must concentrate fiercely at work, to unwind at home you must have the ADD approach. Otherwise you blow your brain circuits.


    I don't trust knitters who only have a project or two at a time and finish one before beginning another. You don't have knitting ADD. You're just reveling in all of the OPTIONS you have. It's an abundance thing, you see.



    Delusions of Grandeur. It happens to the best of us...the worst of us...all of us. Just pick up the nearest thing and knit. It's all good;-)


    Delusions of Grandeur. It happens to the best of us...the worst of us...all of us. Just pick up the nearest thing and knit. It's all good;-)


    People used to pay me to organize things, and now I can't remember which kid has what activity on what day at what time or when appointments are scheduled, or where did I put that sock I was working on last night, wasn't it right here?

    I blame it on the children. I lost brain cells with each pregnancy, and never found them again. That, or I've become hooked on the rush I get when I start a new project. The excitement! The possibilities! The thrill I get from not knowing if I'm hitting gauge or not! ('cause who takes time to swatch?) Either way, I've accepted that this is my Knitting Style, and am trying to embrace it. Glad to see I'm not alone.


    I had that same teacher, but for AP English. I hope you get your concentration juju back quickly.


    You're just multi-tasking, which women do oh-so-brilliantly. Sorry if that's sexist, but I am constantly in awe of the things women can do. They all look great, unfinished though they may be.

    Dena Shunra

    Me too on the pregnancy thing. When I was pregnant with Rose I complaiend bitterly to the gyno about how horrible it was to have had my IQ halved. I work in my HEAD, mostly! How can I do it???

    He was most unsympathetic, iirc.

    In fact, at that time I was - for the first time in my life - the cliche feminine girlie-girl. I have never before or since been so - flighty? undecided? frilly? homemakey?

    I think it was too much estrogen and not enough sleep.


    I never had it to start with.... I worked on my first project until it was done, and it was all over after that. Now I usually have 5 or 6 on the needles and spinning too. Doesn't help I got a new wheel this weekend.
    Oh! Thanks for the help on the banner, I got it working!


    It's not ADD. It's polyamoury.


    You know the answer. It's the Big E. Or lack thereof. I also think we have reached the limit of our multitasking brain hardware. This is the reaping of that hubris.

    What Judy said. Have a GOOD time, and think like Stephanie's post today. I'd have to work up the courage to tell the voice off, I have to admit.


    Googled "leaving court reporting" and your site came up. For your entertainment: I am trying to see if all my c.r. equipment will come back to life after being in a closet for 8 years. eeek! I am gearing myself up for disappointment. Reading that you breezed through c.r. school. So you are "one of those", eh? Took me four years to earn my two-year degree. But REALLY am impressed with your stint at the BBC. I use that as my homepage for my internet browser. Realtiming that stuff is heroic in my book. I bet you have some stories to tell!

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