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    Sunday, July 24, 2005


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    Very, very cool Norma! My DH bought me my little plastic yarn winder, which was very sweet of him too. I would love to have yours!


    What sort of yarn for the good cause? Are we going to go with an all-wool thing?
    And is that a Golding?


    Norma darling, no post that mentions a new-to-you antique skein winder could possibly be boring... it's lovely! I love antiquing for fiber toys. Have fun with it!


    I agree with Amie. This post was far from boring! I love that skein winder. How incredibly thoughtful of your husband! And how thoughtful of you to knit that gorgeous square for the blanket. Thank you.


    I think that piece would be a fabulous gift even if you weren't a fiber person! It's kind of antique. What a guy!


    Missed you. Nice spinning though! Spin more so you've got something to wind on that gorgeous reel.


    That winder is way cool! I'd spend all my time playing with it for sure.


    That yarn winder is the best! I refuse to buy one of the modern ones because I think those antique ones are SO much nicer!


    Never mind. I read more, and now I know.


    Tom bought me an antique wool winder last week too, just because. Just because he knew I'd love it - think he understands yet that I will be really needing a spinning wheel now, so that I'll have some wool to wind....?


    Ooh, that yarn you spun up is so pretty! Bright colors are so much fun to work with.


    Is that SPINNING I see on Norma's blog? You were there with us in spirit, sister, and we raised a Claudia-special margarita in your honor.


    Great yarn winder! A few years back I saw some in a display at the Lowell Textile Museum and I pointed them out to DH. He said, "Oh, my parents have one of those in the attic."
    "They do?"
    Needless to say, I now have an antique clock reel that I love, but I know nothing of its history. Mine has a little wheel on the side with a hand that turns to measure the number of winds.


    Great score......even if it was your husbands!! I LOVE those old winders!

    Your spinning is really starting to look good!!

    Lee Ann

    Listen, have a wheel. So stop complaining about the evenness of my spinning. You've got me trumped, bigtime. Mwah...bunny is on his way to you.

    Teresa C

    Wow! That is the neatest thing to find. I am doubtful that my husband would ever get me a neat gift like that one. He does other things well, though.

    We really missed you yesterday. Hangin' with the girls is all it is cracked up to be. We have to have a next time very soon! Your spinning would have been a hit. I'm loving the bright colors.


    You can put up with (or miss) anything when a cool gift like that comes your way;-)


    Say... did you get that at the little antique place in Jeff'ville? And that little noise is makes is the original "Pop" goes the weasel - cool eh?

    Sweet Caroline

    If you have a "clock reel", you can sing the song "Pop Goes the Weasel" while you wind. When the "weasel" goes "pop", then you have a standard skein, if you are turning in rhythm to the song.

    It's a counting song for people who couldn't necessarily count.

    (Can you tell I used to work as a spinster in a living history museum?)


    Wow! Okay, number 1 is that we can call off the goons that were going to come to your house to "have a talk" with you about spinning. Phew.

    But seriously, those singles look absolutely lovely. You are clearly a natural, just trust yourself. I hope you'll find something to knit with that yarn, since it's far too beautiful to go to waste. Nice work!

    Second, can I tell you how totally jealous I am that you have an antique clock reel in perfect working order and your DH not only didn't threaten to divorce you, he BOUGHT it for you? I've been on the prowl for one of those, but I think I might get kicked out of the house if I bring one more piece of spinning equipment into it. Give him a big sloppy kiss--he deserves it. (In my partner's defense, we have a very small house that contains many mammals, many of whom like to climb on things.)

    Third, we missed you!


    That yarn winder antique thingy is totally cool! Way to go, hubbo!


    It is not possible for you to write a boring post. I wish you would quit trying. It's disgusting. And then you provide the op for major spinning equip. envy. How cool. I expect to hear you popping all the way over here. Fab yarn and colors.

    Elizabeth D

    Norma, where am I going to find instructions for left-leaning Turkish stitch? I've googled in vain. . .it's so pretty.


    I'm sorry, but when I feel like swearing, 'NORma' just doesn't cut it. I need at least a 'Judas PURRRRIEST!' xox


    I love your square! It's cool - and the "left-leaning" pattern is perfect! What a great idea.


    hey Norma --- tell your DH that my birthday is January 24th ....

    I am green with envy.

    I want one.


    ooh, beautiful reel--I saw one exactly like it on ebay a few days ago and they said it appeared to be like one in a Pennsylvania German museum's collection (?)

    the fact that it's still clicking is fantastic, the ones I've seen lately in antique places don't click anymore :-( (I'm on the prowl for one!)


    I tried to leave a comment on today's post, but kept getting an error message --- very strange. wonder if typepad is getting wonky? I hope that your DH is bringing home the sign from God --- figure out the camera so you can take pictures!

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