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    Tuesday, July 26, 2005


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    Perhaps the progressive lenses will make the square look just right? There could be advantages here.


    I still carry around "you guys" from somewhere in my childhood. I'm trying to edit it out.

    Just put the knitting down, Norma, before you hurt yourself. Come back to it in a day or two.


    It is ok to just say no to progressives after you have tried them...I wear my bifocals (soon to be trifocals) proudly...glad that I can see without puking on anybody or without a never ending migrane...
    While you are getting used to them perhaps a trip to the LYS to fondle yarn would be in can choose whether to look or not!

    Lee Ann

    You want I should knit you a pair of Dizzy Glasses for when you just need to sit down and block it all out?

    My dad says "you people" too. It cracks me up.


    Ah. Last night I spent an hour and a half trying to figure out why I had an extra stitch in my FBS (you know, the one I'm not making). I ALMOST ripped the whole thing out...but then I put it away.
    Good luck with the new glasses.
    And I'm quite envious of your possible new (old) yarn winder!

    Mary Beth

    Way to get what you want! (antique) You can't be too fuzzy to pull that off! :)


    If you can't find the 'book of words' for your camera, try the company website. Most of the camera companies have their digital camera manuals online. We need pictures woman!


    See what happens when you clean the house? You lose things.


    I'm like Laurie....we always said 'you guys' (male oriented society and all that). I've changed it to 'you grrls'.
    Hope the hubby got the second one....what was he thinking leaving it behind in the first place?
    Sounds like you need a vacation for a few weeks. It would be easier to get used to the glasses while playing on a beach some place, no?


    So Norma, if you are looking for a place to put winder #1, feel free to call me, okay? I believe in fate, you HAD to have #2.


    Be of cheer: it is possible to adjust to progressives in a much shorter time. The first night I had them I was scheduled to teach CPR. The focusing on my check-list, then focusing down on the floor where my students were working on the manikens, made me very nasious. HOWEVER, the next day I wore them without any difficulty, and my vision was like being a kid again. Give yourself positive "self-talk". I'm rooting for you!

    Teresa C

    I can't wait to see the "new" yarn winder. So neat. Can you have Norma inscribed in front of the original? There's a new project for you!


    For a wonderfully snarky take on "you people," visit the parody site, then click on the "en Espanol" link on the left, then click on the "translate into English" link at the top for a special (!) message from Laura Bush to "you people." :-)


    Youse people up there in Vermont sure do have some cool ball winders! (You know I'm drooling over all things antique, and that winder is SO gorgeous!)


    Don't worry about the new lenses. You will love them once you acclimate. Took me 2 days. Just stick with them and DO NOT move your head from side to side while focusing on one thing. That'll give you a rollercoaster feeling. Experiment a little with your peripheral vision. You'll be fine!


    I had to frog Clapotis after working on it for days. I feel your pain.

    Western New Yorkers use the lovely phrase "Yous" a lot.


    I got progressives several years ago after tiring of wearing my glasses tipped while doing handwork or worse, wearing a second pair of magnifiers.
    When I left the optician's with them, I stopped at Borders and felt like I was in ones of those cheesy movie scenes, with the bookcases all blurred and *tipping over*, and had the sinking feeling that they'd never work. Second day..*voila*..perfect! I love them! Give them time.

    Stalker Angie

    No advice froom me, Norma Dear. It's been too long since I got my progressive lenses and I'm too much of a knitting newb to be of any help on that front. Soooo, I'm just sending you a huge, very non-Princeton, virtual hug and hoping things look up for you.


    I had to tink an ungodly number of rows on my first FBS so I feel your pain.

    You can find out where you are in the chart by counting your stitches. Then look at the chart and count the first section of stitches up to the repeat and the last section of stitches after the repeat up to the marker.

    Subtract that number from the number of stitches you have on the needles for one half of the shawl up to the marker (I'm assuming you have the same number of stitches on each side of the marker ;>).

    The result should be divisible by ten (the pattern repeat is always 10 stitches) and that tells you which ooverall repeat you are on. I did it when I tinked so heref are the numbers I have: for row 1 of the Lower Flower Basket chart, you have 17 stitches plus your repeat (this is to the first marker). So, if your number is 57 stitches, you have finished the 4th repeat of that row (57- 17 stitches = 40 which is 4 repeats of 10). The stitch counts for the other rows are: Row 3: 19, row 5: 21, row 7: 23 and roow 9: 25.

    Hope this helps!


    Good lord but I have alot of spelling errors in my comment. At least the math is right!


    One word for you - lifeline! I wouldn't knit any kind of lace (and some cables) without one. If you already know about this, please forgive me. Chalk your luck up to a typical Monday. As Scarlet says, tomorrow is another day.



    Ah. Fuzzy Brain Syndrome. SO glad to know it has a name.

    A fellow FBSer.


    go easy on the glasses, wear them leeetle bits at a time until you can adjust...the hardest parts are stairs and curbs....and we don't want you falling and breaking a HIP or anything.


    I was surprised at how easily I got used to the Progressives. It was a bit rough for one or two days, but I just kept making myself wear them for several hours at a time - soon they became second nature. I like mine now a lot - it beats switching from my "near sighted" to my "reading glasses" all the time - that back and forth business was getting annoying.

    Here's hoping you adjust soon - and just take it easy with yourself. We all have "fuzzy brain days" - and some fuzzy vision days too! You'll be seeing things right again in no time. Chelle


    Well, you people crack me up! :) I hope your glasses work out. I hope you find your sock pattern. I hope flower baskets just mind their own business and stop acting out like the spoiled brats that they are, I hope that you get your M$ller yarn winder. Oops wrong sign in there. But I like that one, so it stays.
    Hope you people feel better!


    Well, I told you, I NEVER got used to the progressives and just adore my trifocals. Different strokes....but if they don't work out, you know what to do.


    You need cake and a nap. I feel sure of it.


    How about if FBS stands for Fabulous Blog Story? Cuz you've done it again. Can't wait to see the "new" yarn winder thingy. You guys are so cool!


    I may have written this before, if so, please cut my feeble mind some slack...

    My one and only bifocals have been progressives -- I knew from others' experience that it could be very difficult or even impossible to go from lines to no-lines, so didn't even go there. I'm thinking these are your first, too. There was a very short breaking-in period. I had more trouble getting used to the difference in ultra-thin lenses than I did getting used to bifocals. I hope you don't have too much trouble.

    I'm simply drooling over your yarn winder(s).


    I went from single lens glasses to progressives and had no problem at all. It was like being given my original eyeballs again. Just remember to move your eyeballs, not your head, when you look down. I would not want to wear any other style of lens. Even my sunglasses are progressives.

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