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    Friday, July 22, 2005


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    Stalker Angie

    No idea, huh? Hehe. Well NORma, Norma, why do you think?


    Have a great day Norma Dear!


    You are so NORma'd. Sorry.


    NORma's sake. You promised me a picture. Tomorrow then?


    Ha! Yesterday I made a trip to find out where my LYS had moved to. Yikes!! It is now on one of the biggest hills, busiest hills, freaking 18 wheeler traffic hills in town!!! I know I burned some carbon out of my exhaust system when a semi came around the bend and was right on me! As I was leaving the area, I was totally surrounded by huge tractor trailers, and a nervous wreck. That is when I thought of NORma!!Yeah, the heavy traffic caused me to swear like a sailor, haha!

    Lee Ann

    Awww,'re not honoured? ;-)

    By the way, expect a package. I'm not telling. Well, I sort of did, but...

    Expect a package :-)


    Nice girl? You?


    Rude--all of 'em. You are a doll!


    You should be honoured. All these gals that don't like swearing have now invented a swear word and it is in honour of you. This is some sort of adoration. personally, I don't have a problem with shoremanese (as Ryan calls it) but I wonder if that's because I, too, lived in England. Honest to god, there was an article in the Guardian a couple of years ago about how Fuck wasn't even offensive any more. Wish I'd saved it.


    Gee, Norma, I never thought you were particularly "bad". But maybe that says more about me than it does about you. Hum. . . .


    You are, obviously, an inspiration. Or an enabler. Something.


    That's awesome! Not many people get to be a swear word. You're in the big time, right up there with Jesus.


    Look at it this way: maybe it will get to be so commonly used you'll make it into the dictionary. Then you'll be famous...or....infamous.

    The Mysterious K

    Hee! I had no idea what I was starting when I tried to protect Ryan's delicate ears from another "for fuck's sake" growled at that pesky video game. I've even got a couple people at the local swimming pool using NORma! You're famous! ;-) TMK

    Rachel H

    Too funny! But alas, I don't quite know the proper etiquette here. Does one offer congratulations to a person who's name has been coined as a synonym for an expletive?

    What the heck. Congratulations! I raise the beer I'm having with lunch to try and survive my NORma-ing busy day in a toast to you!


    wow! I'm impressed perhaps I had better start using "it" then my family might stop threatning me with a soap and water mouthwash


    So, I was watching "The Fully Monty" the other night, and with each f*cksake, I thought of NORma!!

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