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    Friday, July 29, 2005


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    Tehhehehe, that is so funny :).


    Love it, love it, love it! A once-in-a-blue-moon meme can be entertaining, but they are over-invading the blogosphere, in my (everso) humble opinion. Run, Norma, run! (But come back soon, 'k?


    NORma! You make me laugh!


    I'm going with Norma's idiosyncracies are SOOO strange, she doesn't want to respond to the meme. What a weirdo!


    Any taggee who knits with metal straights SHOULD run.

    JUST kidding.


    Just do it! It doesn't hurt for more than a second. Besides, I'm willing to bet you've got some pretty entertaining idiosyncracies.


    As usual, you are once again my heroine...I knew I could count on you to have the balls to stand up to memes...they take the wonderful spontaneity and creativity of the blogworld and turn it into a concentration camp like atmosphere...thanks Norma...whereever you are (and I sure hope you have your new glasses and some knitting with you!).

    Lee Ann

    Ah, the idiosyncracies meme. (I thought it was pronounced me-me, as in read all about me-me...) I decided that anyone who knows me has already heard way too much about my idiosyncracies. That and the fact that I publicly, shamelessly exhibit them on a regular basis...well...what else is there to say?

    Come back, Norma. The bunny is arriving any day now, and he'll be lonely without you.


    Come back, Cousin Norma, from where ever you have run off to. You've gone off to Arizona to join that Runaway Bride, haven't you?

    Don't you worry about those memes! They can't hurt you! Just say, "Poop on that" and get on with your pseudo-knitting-blogging. ;)


    Don't give in! Meme smeme....
    Hey grrl, nice knittin'. I especially like the sock;-)




    So I take it you aren't going to do the meme?


    Don't fret, she'll be back. Anyone in their right mind wouldn't abandon those beautiful socks and a PINK CHIBI. Note: In case she doesn't come back, I would be proud to give them a good home. You can email me for details on where to send them. P.S. And I would be happy to pay postage on her entire stash as well.


    Now wait on NORma second! I think you DID respond to the idiosyncrasy meme. Because after all, is it not idiosynchratic to run like the wind when someone asks you a personal question?


    Now wait one NORma second! I think you DID respond to the idiosyncrasy meme. Because after all, is it not idiosynchratic to run like the wind when someone asks you a personal question?




    Psst: Norma! Over here! No, I won't tell them I can see you. Come stay with me until this all blows over. I've designated my domain as a meme- and knitalong-free zone. You'll be safe here! (And I have dandelion greens and organic eggs for you for breakfast)


    Norma ---- if you are entering some kind of witness protection program, can I have your antique winder? a woman on the run must travel light.

    rachel H

    Norma, wherever you are, I hope you took a couple of those cute brown stubby botttles of kick ass rum based motherwort tincture with you. It might help you get over the meme induced psychosis.

    Elizabeth D

    It seems clear that Norma felt the need to start a new project away from accusing stares. . . .a clever ruse indeed!


    I spared you but I clearly did not warn Vicki in time. My condolences. Have a great weekend hiding out in your garden with your herbs and your little bottles. Yes, we DO know where you are!


    I read this as "impotent notes."
    How's the lace knitting coming along?


    ROFLMAO!! Oooohhhh, you are right, I should have warned Vicki that there would be serious repercussion for meme~ing you.....eekkkkkkkk, what was she thinking?

    Teresa C

    She'll be back, just look at that sock! Nobody could leave that lovely Koigu in that condition. Not for long anyway. Listen girl, learn to fly under the radar!


    Grasshopper, the meme cannot harm you. It is you who chooses to answer or not to answer or to ask your own questions and/or take down verbatim, in strange symbols that cannot be read or understood by mere mortals, the responses of the memester master. Be one with the meme. The meme is continuous, like discovery in litigation. Namaste.


    My favorite is still "one l short of normal." It just FITS. :)


    " a term of art amongst bloggers and emailers.

    What the heck does "term of art" mean?

    Lee Ann

    Hey, Norma, my mails to you are bouncing...did you shut *everything* off in your attempt to escape? ;-)))


    Hmm. I bet sharp pointy things were found inside that C-H-I-B-I.


    I am with you on this. I've just been 'tagged' for the first time, and I'm not entering the fray. There is something of the chainmail mentality in this phenomenon (and I won't let my children respond to chainmail) and also of unsolicited email. So I'm a harpy, I can live with it. But I'm really pleased you have written about it - I was planning to address it as well on my blog.

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