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    Tuesday, March 01, 2005


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    Kirsten with a moss stitch collar would be very nice. That orange is lovely if the photo represents the colour well at all.

    We are getting snow this morning. Nice light stuff but coming down pretty steady. They are saying 10cm but at the rate it's coming down and with the prediction that it's going to keep coming down until tomorrow morning, I think that is an underestimate.

    Lisa in Oregon

    Hmm, I almost thought you were going to mention Must Have....

    You'll notice it's not been mentioned on my blog in a very, very long time...


    That's a rockin' box of warmth for Dulaan! And keep the sequins. A little flash is good for everyone. :-)


    I say we lobby for Norma finishing two of something. Two mittens. Two wristers. Sneaky, very sneaky.


    You know, if you want snow you are *more* than welcome to have some of ours. I'm in the Monadnock region of NH and I think we're currently at about 6 in. with it still snowing. (We're at just high enough of an elevation that if southern NH gets a couple of inches of snow we'll get a foot.)

    What kind of collar are you thinking of for Kirsten?


    Hmmm, I almost believed you could run out of things to say. Aren't you the busy little knitter. Moss stitch sounds perfect for the collar.


    I think I should let you borrow the title of almost felted for the day.


    I almost didn't leave a comment, but your post was almost too brilliant to just click away. Love the box of stuff that's almost on its way to Dulaan. I'm almost done with stuff to go in my first box too.


    Almost a comment.


    I almost cannot wait to see Kirstin as a finished object. I LOVE the yarn. I'll have to check tohe archives to catch the name of it again. Here I thought you were too busy dyeing to work on anything else.


    Almost hilarious. Well, it is hilarious, but I'm almost goin' with the flow here...


    I love the orange. It is nice and bright for the day after a snow storm. Just be happy that your weather guessers don't have a bread-o-meter for snow storms. And are your telling me that thee nor-easter isn't giving you any snow?

    Mary Beth

    Everything in its own time...


    I almost feel like laughing. :) No, that was a funny post. Your cardi is lovely!


    GEEZUS! You have that much stuff knit ALREADY to go in a Dulaan box?!!??

    I bow before you.

    Now... ahem... do you actually WORK anymore?


    I shall be perched at the edge of my seat to see if you indeed have run out of things to say...almost.


    Kirstin is such a fantastic rich warm color. Can't wait to see her all finished!

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