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    Friday, March 04, 2005


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    Seanna Lea

    Dulaan Knits!

    As soon as I finish the hat I am working on now, I will be moving onto a Ken Hat and a Not a Butthole Hat! I have tons of Wool-Ease I bought for Dulaan knitting to work up quick.

    (and I really like the idea of the double thick, even if every time I envision the hat it looks quadruple thick.)

    Jean E.

    Happy blogiversary! To help *you* celebrate, I think I will go make *me* a batch of those awesome hermit bars and eat them while waiting for inspiration to continue work on that must have.


    Thank you for your year of fun blogging. I save yours for my "special treat" at the end of my Bloglines routine.


    Yesterday, I laughed when I read the yarn Halorts entry, having readyours earlier that morning. I've been waiting with baited breath for your entry today.

    Happy Blogiversary! WHat a great year it's been.


    And don't fret about those who come up with derisory terms because they want meticulous decreases -- they're just being anal.


    Happy Blogiversary! May all your entries be fucking fast, furious and funny!

    Teresa C

    Here is your blogiversary gift. While listening to an audiobook I heard a phrase that sounded very Norma-ish to me. So I am passing it on to you. I, of course, have used it myself in real life, but probably wouldn't write it out. But you never know, could happen. So for you: Fuckety-fuck. Isn't it charming and hysterical all at once? I have added to it. Fuckety-fuck fuck fuck. Kinda rolls off the tongue, don't you think? Glad to have you as a blog friend!

    Teresa C

    BTW-I can't wait to see what google searches bring traffic to your site now-butt-holes! hahaha


    Happy Blogiversary! Mine is coming up this month, too. We should have a party! I'll bring the undyed yarn, you bring the Kool-Aid.

    Lisa in Oregon

    So that's what a butt-hole hat is! Often I find things on the knit list, with no pics....and well, I have a vivid imagination... Your hat is much cuter than I would have expected a "butt-hole hat" to be! I'll be making a couple for Dulaan in yer honor, lovely Norma! Happy blogiversary!! So happy to have found you!


    The knitting storm continues. Congrats on a year of blogging and keeping us in stitches.


    Happy Blogiversary! I'm so happy to have found you! Your blog is read faithfully every morning (sometimes it's the only good thing about work that day) and your hat will be added to my list of patterns to knit for Dulaan.

    BTW, does the wearing of the hat make you a butt-head or a pin-head?

    Jo in Ottawa

    there's a lot of mitts in that pile. Re. the orangey cardi for you and the possibility of a moss stitch collar. Go to and check out their French Collar Cardigan. Inspired? (don't look at the prices in that catalogue, particularly if you know the pounds to dollar exchange rate)


    Happy Blogiversary! Mine's coming up in a couple of weeks and it has been a BLAST! You've played no small part in all that fun -- and I'm looking forward to more!


    Hee hee hee. I heard a nice metaphor for butt-holes the other day (because butt-holes need metaphors): balloon ties!

    My blog's birthday was in June of 2001. Here's wishing you many more!


    Happy Blogiversary. I don't even get a mention in the great minds hat-knitters discussion? GDITH as you'd say.


    Happy Blogoversary! Go buy special yarn to celebrate!


    I've enjoued your year. Happy Blogiversary!

    Mary Beth

    Happy b-day - I have wool-ease too - maybe I'll do some dulaan good!


    Happy Happy!!!! May the next year bring many surprises!


    There really is a "Pinwheel Hat" pattern:

    I can hardly wait to see what you have in store for Sunday's post.


    Hurray for March Blogiversaries! Mine's March 8! Glad to share a lovely blog-bond with you and can't wait to meet you in person.


    Best wishes on your anniversary! Don't unlink to the Harlot, that is how I found you. Much as I enjoy her blog, too, I think your hat is cuter.

    Siow Chin

    Happy blogday to you! Looking forward to many more to come.


    we're nearly blog-twins! Cept that you're much cooler than I could ever possibly be. But other than that...


    A very happy Blogiversary to you.

    Only you, Norma, could come up with a butt-hole hat and acknowledge it for what it is, *and* make a whole hysterically funny post out of it.

    I wish you many more happy butt-hole hats in your future. If that's what you want, of course. ;-)


    Happy Blogiversary! Go girl! Butthole hat huh, I may make one in solidarity. Boy are you going to get some weird google hits now.


    I shall have to make me a butthole hat too, to send off to the Dulaan people, right after I finish this vile green 2x2 rib scarf that seemed like such a good idea to start with ...

    Happy Blogiversary!

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