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    Wednesday, March 09, 2005


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    Chin up. As another recipient of a craptastic day on Tuesday, I can definitely sympathize. I refused to shovel today because the last time I did I fried my wrists for several days. Priorities.

    The clutch looks great. Enjoy your little bit of sunshine and good for you for having someone else do the zipper. It looks great and you've saved yourself the headache of agonizing over it yourself.


    Wow, I love the flower and the zipper looks fab. Last night on the corner of Rodeo and some other street I saw some pricey bags that were much, much uglier (one made solely of zipper pull tabs and one of soda can pull tabs) so I'm thinking... $125? Also today I saw a BABIES' shirt with this cars' album cover on it:
    a BABY! this place is weird.


    You are the sunshine in my pre-dawn!! And a wealth of info, too! I love the ideas and inspirations you pass along...and at my age, it's no longer fun to go to the dentist because of all the rotten things they have to say about my teeth...and I need new glasses...but keepem coming girl:)


    Oh, you poor dear, with a beast of a day! Did you follow my instructions the other day? Buying tulips? Sure, it can't cure. But it can't hurt either!
    Here's to your teeth!


    What a simply wonderful bag! It's so cheery and cute I can't help but smile looking at it. I hope it makes up a bit for your rotten day. That snow yesterday was terrible! I spent hours at school helping to get kids home, all because our superintendent was too stubborn to call an early dismissal like the rest of the state. A bus actually crashed into a house! Thankfully it was empty.

    jo in ottawa

    Lovely bag (too femme for me but great for you LOL). If the 'right colour, wrong length' zipper is too long, buy it anyway. It is easy to shorten zippers. The tailoring place will have no problem.

    You maybe got the snow a day later than we did. Monday we got about a foot. Was I grateful for a shared driveway and a neighbour with a snowblower! Today it is -33C with the windchill (and remember the closer you get to -40 the more like the F scale that is)

    Stephanie VW

    Norma - the sight of that bag is just what I needed this morning. Winter must be coming to an end!!!!
    It rained and the wind blew here all day yesterday and now we're getting snow. If you want to continue on the grip session, be assured that although winter will end, we will then enter pothole season (aka spring). That's the season before road construction (other people call it summer).


    Be grateful you are not a horse.


    Now, time to dig out from last night's blizzard.

    Teresa C

    Oh that bag looks so happy and sunny! Has me thinking of warmer days ahead on this "kids are home from school again" day. I second Jo's advice, get the zipper-a tailor will have no problem changing in, and knowing you, you can probably find info online and do it yourself if you are taking that project on. Hope today is better!


    Ohyeah. Sucktastic weather yesterday, although today is at least sunny if also somewhat brisk. (Seriously, from about 1 p.m. on we had near white-out conditions. Luckily they hadn't plowed yet when I headed home, so the snow gave traction and it was cold enough that the snow was the nice, powdery, non-lube type.) Delighted that you got home in one piece, unscathed if not unfrazzled.

    Heh. I hear you on the teeth front. I should hook you up with my mom. After living in England for many, many years, she's spent the last several getting her teeth and gums fixed. Lovely country, rotten dental care.


    Glad you're home in one piece - this weather sucks for sure! You have such a way with those felted bags! So, so pretty and feminine. Quite the inspiration, Norma! Thanks.

    General Ginger

    Love the bag!


    Ohhhhh, I'm glad the Devil Door didn't get you! And of course I understand about your hands . . . not long ago I tripped at work and jammed one of my fingers (mildly, but painfully), and my first thought was "what if I can't knit?!".

    Hope today is better for you!


    The bag looks great. If you can't get spring outside you have to bring it in! I was thinking of forcing some bulbs in the house. Ever tried it? I haven't, it'll be an adventure!

    Stephanie VW

    Gripe session. Not Grip Session. Geez. Grip session. Isn't that a Brit slang for something nasty? Got a case of the Grip????

    What a doughnut I am. Doh! Nuts!


    The bag is soo cute. It is bright and cheery. I hope today goes better than yesterday.


    The bags are fab! Hey, my teeth haven't fallen out...yet but then I do need a new back. Is that what happened the ol' 1st year o'blog.


    I'm having my teeth redone Saturday - all day. It sucks, but I suppose it beats the alternative - bannishment to pudding only.

    And I know what you mean about your hands. I was rear-ended a few months back, and my hands were on my steering wheel at the time. It was EXTREMELY minor, but my wrist was sore for some time after that. Now, I have the terrible habit of taking my hands off the wheel if someone gets too close behind me. Sure, I may veer into oncoming traffic or off a cliff, but I won't have my wrists damaged again...


    What a wonderful little bag!! You sure did need something like that to perk you up after a super crappy day!! Hoope today was MUCH better.


    I'm sorry your day sucked. But the bag is creativity ++ !

    Alison A.

    Creepy about the door - I can imagine how you must have felt after witnessing that kind of accident. Best not to talk about the dentist.

    I love the clutch, love the colour. Could you tell me what pattern your friend used? I'm working on a multi-coloured stripey version of the one in Weekend Knitting, but it's taking me forever b/c I get tangled up in ends and then have to weave them all in. That, and I have a very short attention span.


    Now if you really want to make a fortune, make those clutches bit enough to hold a chihuahua and sell them in Orange County...really...


    It's better when the memory goes. Then you won't remember about the eyes or the teeth.


    Norma the clutch is on my must have list. Very stylish if I must say so.
    Last night while attending my local knitting group get together, I told them about your blog and the candy company. They were all like "Wow" over the candy company. Of course I shared the web addy with them and told them how I had wanted to place my order when you were working. They accused me of stalking you! Guess, I'll just have to resurrect my blog so I can send them over to the chocolate factory and taste for themselves!!
    Along with reading your blog.

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