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    Monday, March 07, 2005


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    Oh, perfect! I haven't done one darn Dulaan thing yet, and I just happen to have some Lamb's Pride bulky wondering what to do with itself! Thanks Norma!


    Hmmm - were you watching 24 too? Great show - and great hats you've been producing!


    thanks, Norma! and i love love love all these inspiring Dulaan hats... I have some lopi orphan skeins, sounds like a great use for them.

    you *are* coming to MDS&W, aren't you?


    Greased lightning. That's what you are.

    Seanna Lea

    That is terrific! I am back to working on my bridesmaid shawl, but was going to go back for the one more skein of Manos to make my Ken hats tonight.

    Because it is wool, you might be able to get a little color variation with the Koolaid trick if you want.

    General Ginger



    And it doesn't look a thing like a turd.


    Speed blogging. Guaranteed to make the Harlot twitch.

    julia fc

    So explain to me, someone, why, when I have two afghans for afghans to have their borders knit draped across my kitchen table, and four ships projects hats off in the mail, that I feel terrible about not having made a dulaan hat yet. Am I nuts? But I have promised Ryan I'd get at least one off to her, and I have liberated one too-small-for-the-Diva handmade hat from the winter basket, so i think I'm good. Norma, you're an inspiration.


    All of your LP Bulky is brown? Time to add some new colors. And what a fast knitter you are - less than an hour and you have a new hat!

    Stalker Angie

    Hi Norma! Stalker Angie from Ryan's Blog. Thought I'd pop over and stalk you for a while. I stalk the Harlot too, but she can be a smidge intimidating so I stalk her in secrecy.

    Love the hats! I have 1 "Ken" hat finshed,a scarf to match the "Ken" hat, am halfway through a butthole/pinwheel hat and have 4 fleece blankets done. No, you're NOT the only one whose fancy this has caught. I even linked it on my Guild page for an online game I play. Those people think I've lost my mind.

    Anywho, love the blog, love the hats. Keep up the good work!


    oh, SURE....
    just what I need...
    a TIMED test.


    Norma, I think we are being used! MaryB (of "come on kids let's knit 2000 items for Dulaan" fame) has us acting like pawns in her game! Competitions! Timed knitting!! I wonder at her motivation. What does she get out of goading us on, making this personal?

    Unfortunately, I know her to be a very fast knitter who does lots and lots of community knitting. I expect that she can out pace us any day. But I will keep on trying!!! That Ken Hat looks like just the ticket.

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