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    Friday, February 25, 2005


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    Homeopathy works. This post reminded me to apply Arnica to my sore elbow and wrist (size 19 needles- yuck) so that I can use them to knit tomorrow- preferably on something teeny!

    The strawberry-grape is my favorite, too. WOW! Pretty.


    The strawberry grape color is my favorite too. Daniel's is the top green. I don't think the greens clash too much. They'll look cute.


    those colors are fantstic!


    Wonderful results on the Kool-Aid overdying...what is the yarn used? Tried to check it out in the photo but can only tell that it is an On Line yarn. Thanks


    This is first time I've ever actually been inspired to dye....


    More questions: what is the yarn you dyed? and why why why did you have to do this and post it? I've never been tempted to dye before......


    What fun! Love the colors...I can't wait to see what you make with them.


    That was an amazing testamonial! Now my curiosity is peaked!


    Hey dye girl, nice work. But, I think you need some dyes that aren't also drinks. Just in case in the future you may want slightly more subtle colors.



    I too have been using homeopathics to treat allergies etc. They are a wonderful alternative. Also, I switched to osteopaths (DO) rather than MD) for much the same reasons.


    Homeopathy is always interesting. There is a little bug bite thing they sell at Whole Foods, I forget what it's called. Essentially, it's a little electrostatic shocker. You put the tip on your bug bite and press around ten times and it shocks the bug bite out of your system. I have horrible reactions to mosquitos and this not only stops the itch but stops the swelling immediately. I think I'll get that rememdy you recommended though because my 3-year-old is, understandably, less than fond of the "shocker".


    Very kool. Did you have to do anything to take the color out of that yarn before you dyed it?


    Wow, those koolaid colors are really vivid and you didn't even start with white yarn! That's amazing. I might have to try this dying thing, I am just not up to the level of the Harlot's guest blogger, Laurie. The only dying I ever did was with Rit dye in the washing machine and it wasn't satisfying enough to repeat. Hmmm, maybe you should do a koolaid dying 101 tutorial for the color challenged. Inquiring minds want to know.


    Thanks so much for sharing the link to the mosquito bite gel. I'm chemically appealing to insects of all kinds (if I'm in the area, no one else gets bit), and mildly allergic to mosquitos (noticable swelling, with at least a week of severe itching). I've never found a repellent that works, and never found an anti-itch agent that works, so I'm always thrilled to find out about a new product that's worked for other serious cases. Maybe a natural remedy will be better than all those chemicals currently on the market. We'll see this summer! Thanks, Norma!


    Oh, glad to hear about your happy endings with alternative medicine... I'm going through NAET treatments right now, and while I understand it's a slow process, I'm not yet at the point where I can notice a difference.

    The current Family Circle Easy Knitting issue has an article on dyeing yarn—between that and your posts, I see a dye party in my future. You've inspired me! Beautiful.


    Wow, those colors are exceptionally vivid. What a great cheery way to start my morning!

    Please keep posting about your dyeing adventures so that us non-dyers can live vicariously....


    I must say...I'm surprised you haven't knit socks yet. I think that DK weight Kool Aid Yarn would make some pretty funky ones...hint, hint. ;)

    Thanks for stopping by Ms. Norma!


    When you buy your Kool-Aid, look at the pitcher the KA guy is holding on the front of the packet. It shows the color of the drink/dye.


    You thought someone would send you socks?! Hahahahahahaha! Good one Norma.
    My ND gave me his email and cell phone while he is on vacation. Ever hear of a doc who does that?
    Love your yarns...they might make a good Charlotte's Web or, or socks!


    Hey Norma, "The Wool House!" That will be the name of your yarn shop.
    Love your yarns. I had a KoolAde Dye party, using Cottage Craft Woolens, your yarn colors are much deeper. Nice.


    A homeopathic remedy stopped my daughters throat from closing up late one night when we were deep in the wilds of PA and almost an hour from any hospital. I've sworn by it ever since.

    And I'm with Claudia. We need to get you some straight food coloring, or something. Gaywool dyes maybe, which I've heard is really good. Something. I just giggle every time I think of how your house must smell with all those Koolaid fumes.


    Oh, and I don't think its a wool house until you knit socks - (ducking).


    Hmm... the greens would look SHOCKINGLY fantastic as fair isle, with black....


    Oh, yes, and I knew a horse who reacted brilliantly to magnets on his arthritic joints. We didn't tell him it was wacky hooey that wouldn't work, clearly he was taken in by the suggestion.... ha.

    Kim b

    It's an addiction, I tell ya. I dyed some single ply Briggs and Little with 4 different Kool-aid colors. When I knit my socks (yes, socks) at work everyone is amazed by the colors. My last trip to the grocery store I brought home 11 packs of the stuff. Heehee. I think I need to try out some of the changing colors flavors.


    I'm using Zicam, a homeopathic cold remedy, and this is the shortest cold I've ever had. Hasn't progressed to my chest, which it almost always does. Wow. I'm sold!And Wow on those Kool Aid colors, too!


    It is all your fault fingers are stained grape, yellow and red. Of course when I do a haircolor I always wear gloves at work.Thanks for inspiring me. I loved Kim's story too.

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