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    Saturday, February 19, 2005


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    Ooh. I love those stripey socks. WTG Michelene!


    I love those socks too. Great job, Michelene. :)And, Norma! That Koigu is gorgeous and would make a beautiful sweater. Can't wait to see your progress. ;)

    Oh, and regarding the "diet" and Jack? Sadly no, he is not on it~ yet. I plan to start in a few months. I didn't want to cause any "stomach issues" while housebreaking him. If you know what I mean. :)

    Teresa C

    Michelene! Those socks are great! And while I don't know the whole boss story, a little *statue snot* may be appropriate.....

    Okay Norma, let's see the down and dirty stash! So far, so good, but then we all know of my Koigu mania.


    Gorgeous socks, Michelene, but I am sort of missing the Nose of Lincoln significance.

    Adelaide's bags are awesome, I can see some of her famous silk ribbon embroidery peaking out from the inside.

    And as far as this stash documentation... I know you say you want to know, but I'm not sure you really do. Or maybe I don't really want to know (how much I have, not how much you have).

    Jo in Ottawa

    Well what you have in the stash documentation album so far is just beautiful. There must be lots of good projects you could get started on. But why so much Koigu for a non-sock knitter? Have you seen the pattern for a baby blanket in the spring Interweave Knits? It's done in more subdued colours but might inspire you.

    Let us know if you decide to do a girl-from-auntie style 'stash for cash'.


    Gorgeous bag. I think the stash documentation could be fun. Then when you get inspired you can look at your own online yarn shop catalog, where everything is "free".


    I am inordinately fond of sock-traveling pictures. Maybe someday, Normal won't have to import them from other lovely knitters....


    Jean E.

    Wow beautiful bag! I would be kind of afraid to document my stash. It might cause me to start thinking about how much money I have *invested*


    you rub Abe's nose for luck, Cassie. If you were to take the socks out of the picture, you would see Abe's nose is all shiny from lots of hand rubs. Michelene, I love the socks. Norma, gifts from Blog-land, how fun is that?


    wow you have to jump quick on those yarn barn deals! :)

    nice for the voyeur in me though!

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