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    Wednesday, November 16, 2011


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    Thank you for sharing, Norma. And, Amen, Cookie Monster!!


    Exactly, someone who finally gave us the truth without sugar coating it. (no pun intended)


    Thanks, Norma! I think this is a very clear explanation of what everyone should be concerned about these days. I still cannot wrap my head around middle class folks who support the Republicans, I just can't!

    Barbara M.

    WooHoo! Cookie Monster have very good sense of reality, although grammar a little weak!

    Thanks for sharing, Norma. I'm with Cookie, all the way. This is the first time I've wished I were back in NJ where I could get in to Zuccotti Park to join the crowd. NH is a little too for to commute, and I understand camping is now a little tricky.

    Hope Mr. J is less odoriferous today.


    Cookie Monster is one smart cookie. What kills me is those folks who vote Republican against their own self interest. Toss a little religion or a few gays into the mix, and these dummies get hysterical and vote for the conservative Conservatives. Ick!

    Seanna Lea

    I made the mistake of reading all of the comments on the original link, and it was mind bending. People seem unwilling to meet in a middle ground and agree to at least disagree on what caused the mess. It is more important now to fix things than to argue over which side was more at fault.


    Everything is broken. Maybe it can be fixed. There is only one political party controlled by corporate "persons." Jeez, Norma, I wish I had your courage. I respect your bravery and your intelligence.


    Thank you, Norma!!!


    Well well said!!


    While the Cookie Monster has really good points about lying about the value of derivatives and the INSANE gap between workers and owners, the US got a bit of a boost thirty years after the New Deal by not having to rebuild our infrastructure after two world wars flattened Europe and technology is replacing many jobs today.

    But yes. It's crazy now and something needs to be done.

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