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    Tuesday, August 23, 2011


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    I'd be more likely to have a cellphone than a styrocup and paperclip. "Hello? I'm lost in the woods - come get me!"
    Screened porch just moved up on my lifetime I-want list...


    Now, come winter, you are going to be sorely tempted to close that porch in with windows and add heat. YOU MUST RESIST! I watched many people succumb, only to gain a few DAYS to the experience. The feeling of being outdoors was eradicated. I enjoy every second I spend in my patio (screened porch), though it is truly only usable 3 months out of the year. And if I'm being totally honest, most of those nights are spent snuggled in an afghan- but I'm a knitter, and a sometimes complaints!


    Wait. Jeremy? Ryan The Hand Model is toast?

    Seanna Lea

    I am hoping to add a 3 season porch to my house in the next few years if only to turn the tiny "mud room" into a place where more than a single person can put on their shoes.


    Woods? Do they have cabana boys? Because I don't go anywhere that doesn't have cabana boys.



    I LOVE screened in porches! Keeps the rain and bugs out and lets the breezes in :^)
    hee. cabana boys in the woods.
    You are really going to enjoy that porch for years and years!


    I just hope Mr. Jefferies isn't strong enough to just run right through the screen when he sees the squirrel that must die, or some such. We had a screened porch, too; with our (much larger) dogs, it quickly ended up as a flapping-screen porch!

    Michele Linder

    OMG... after reading the article that Alpha-O-Mine was laughing her ass off over, I'm actually contemplating gathering up all of the needed elements and trying it to see if it actually works!! I've not even had coffee yet this morning!! However, I can't see that I'd have those things with me if I became lost in the wilderness... hmmm... Love the screen porch, Mr. Jefferies!!

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