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    Wednesday, August 24, 2011


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    Seanna Lea

    I saw some of those photos yesterday. It makes me smile, because while the earthquake was still not great for the people in DC the hoopla is still a bit funny to the rest of us.


    Those photos are really funny. I have to admit that i was frightened while it was happening: I was up on the 17th floor of an office building, and when the floor beneath me started to sway, I grabbed my bag and bolted for the door. However, I was back at my desk within the hour, and stayed at work until the close of business. I guess a lot of people and business overreacted, but of course it kind of makes sense: while it's happening, you don't know what the duration or scale will be. I find Californian's reactions amusing, given that whenever it rains there, people completely lose their cool. And of course, if it snows an inch in the Pacific Northwest, their schools shut down. I'm glad it wasn't more serious.

    Rhonda from Baddeck

    We felt it here in Michigan - it's so rare that it's always "exciting." I bet people up in the Washington Monument had a wild ride! Photos of the National Cathedral show pinnacles that shifted and look like they could topple at any moment. Who would guess they needed to build with earthquakes in mind? (I chuckled at the comment about the founding fathers.)


    Where (we're/were) did you get the Cake or Death mug? Love it!


    You have outdone yourself! I would like a captcha on my TV, so that I would know when to turn it off before someone speaks. Honestly, I am so weary of these loathsome people who never speak the truth with such complete confidence. It's like watching a crime being committed without any recourse other than to cringe.


    My favorite tweet from yesterday was, "Earthquake made me spill my tea. I'm available for interviews."

    I felt it, and was more shocked that there was actually a noticeable earthquake -- and not just a little jolt, but an actual 30-45 second rolling quake -- here in Virginia than by the actual quake itself. Of course, I went through Northridge about 10 miles from the epicenter, so there's not really any comparison. Yes, there was a bit of property damage near the epicenter, but honestly, no people died or even got hurt, as far as I know -- not that you could tell by the media's overreaction! I guess they were so thrilled to have some actual news that had nothing to do with Congress, they could hardly contain themselves.

    And that Capcha is BRILLIANT!


    It was a 5.something, right? Yeah, I don't get out of bed for anything less than a 6.5. Those East Coasters were a lot of fun to watch on CNN yesterday... for the first hour.

    The Elusive Thread

    You made my day just by having the Eddie Izzard mug (I have one too from his tour!) :D


    I'm with Becky on what she wrote, and she wrote it so well ;^)


    ...and very humorous, too!!


    OMG! I felt that quake this morning -- as I was looking out the window why the yew bush kind of quivered. I may never be the same!

    Elizabeth in VT

    We wondered why our chairs shook until a child called her mother and said "Mom, the house shook."

    The son who lives in DC walked through his apartment door as the quake began, grabbed his computer in one hand and the cat in the other, sat on the sofa to "wait it out", by which time it was over. But he's upset about the damage to the Washington monument and the national cathedral.


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