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    Wednesday, April 13, 2011


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    So how DID they sew up that car????


    Miss you yesterday! That is the most creative bizarre thing I've seen in a while.


    It ain't gratuitous - it's just the one we were OWED because it was missed on Tuesday (sniffs righteously). Evidently we'll have to comment on Mondays reminding you the next day is Tuesday from now on. It's awful getting so old, Norma.

    (If we didn't already pay you a discounted rate for this here blog, we might have to dock your pay...)


    First I thought "bizarre", then I thought "hmmm", then I thought "why didn't I do that instead of cutting off the sticky-out-bits with a drywall saw when my daughter's car had a boo boo?". Ingenious.


    That little person's foot in the background is killing me.... sooooo cute.


    The car owners should have known when they pulled into "Frankenstein's Garage"...

    Seanna Lea

    The sewn car is funny, but I feel like they should have made their stitches closer together!


    First, Frankenvan
    Then, Mr J and the Feet.

    Not what I expected this morning, but then that's always the case around here.


    I love that you took a blog break, love the stitched up car! I need to remember that trick.


    There's a white Civic near my neighborhood that I call "Frankenstein's car." Its bumper is ripped all the way across, and its held together similarly, but with black zip ties. I'm pretty sure that it's easier to get white zip ties than black ones, so I feel like it was an aesthetic decision.

    Robin V

    My question is, how do you rip a car?!?

    Mr Jefferies looks quite regal, holding court among his fans...

    On another note, started week 3 today... it went okay!


    OMG who did Mr. J's hair? Or did he cut it himself?


    No Day is complete with Mr Jeffries. Especially a Tuesday!

    As for me, the only problem with pretending that today is Tuesday (do over!) is that there is then an additional day till Friday.

    May today be less busy :)


    LOVE that photo of Mr.J, all bathed in the golden light :^)
    wtf. all sewn up.. or stapled? hee.
    From London via Clusterfuckistan.... oy.


    Those resourceful Vermonters! I wonder what they used--String too small to save?


    Yesterday was Tuesday? o.O

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