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    Wednesday, March 02, 2011


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    Alarming Female

    I have plenty of yarn and roving but is there a PayPal or something to which I could just send a wee bit of cold hard cash? I've got lots o' love to pay back.


    What Laurie said.


    So, so pretty, but alas, my yarn budget is zero right now. With the dear hubs possibly getting screwed over by the potential government-wide furlough next week, discretionary spending is temporarily on hold. For some odd reason, he thinks things like the mortgage and the electric bill is more important than yarn. Silly man!

    Joan In Reno

    I followed Fuzzy Logic and admire Lee Ann. I'm unable to help but wish her well. And you, too, for helping.


    Norma, You are a true friend.


    I'm just coming off of SPA and have lots of yarn anyway so it will take a lot to tempt me. That said, I'd like to help LeeAnn. It would be cool if we could just donate or something.


    yummy yummy fiber....want!
    can you set up a paypal donation site?


    Supporting the pay pal donation idea!

    Mary Fran

    That blue roving makes me almost wish that I spin. And will you be setting up a display case of your comment collection?


    You're a good friend, Norma.
    I've missed Lee Ann and her fuzzy logic...

    Lois Budnitsky

    What a friend. I'll take a look. Never used ebay. I'm such a dinosaur.


    You are a good friend. :-)


    Norma, you're a sucka for a good cause! I wish there were suckas like you born every minute! I really want that tomato red yarn. Going to ebay now....I don't know Lee Ann's blog, but all the best to her, and you!

    Lisa H.

    You're a good egg Norma!


    Thank you for helping out a knitter in need.
    That's all I have to say today ;-)


    My spinning wheel has been neglected toooooo long. That last item threw me over the ledge. Will visit eBay today... I've lost track, day six, comment six????

    Mary Lou

    Don't need more yarn,really. Can I paypal a donation to your email?


    Best of luck to LeeAnn. I hope things work out for her. I'll keep my eyes on the stash. :)


    Oooh... the spinning fiber. Do not need! Going to watch the auctions anyhow.


    Such pretty yarn, must have yarn!!


    i'm perusing this sale even tho i really shouldn't be buying yarn. it's for a good cause tho so...thanks for doing this! i'm sending positive vibes northward to leeann...


    Temptress! Look at all that delicious yarny goodness!

    Hope things turn around for LeeAnn.


    It's awesome of you to do this. I'll go peek at the listings as soon as I finish this comment...

    Word Lily

    Love the yummy yarn, but the spinning fiber's the real temptation for me.

    laurie d

    new year resolutions are meant to be broken:) Nice yarns....


    This gives me a warm fuzzy that even with so much evidence to the contrary in my little corner, there are still plenty of Good people in this world. Thank you Norma and Norma's commenters for restoring a bit of the faith!


    Mmmmm, fiber. I've got oodles of yarn, years and years worth, but I've only got months worth of spinning fiber...


    Casting another vote for a donation option.

    Cheryl S.

    Will certainly go take a look. You're a good egg.


    Coming up to week 99 on the unemployment compensation so no yarn for me. Sending good wishes is about all I can do right now. (sighs over the pretty yarn...)


    Here's to the donation via paypal vote right here.


    Just took a30% cut in gross revenues to my business, which means that my yarn budget......hell my grocery budget is beyond tight for the foreseeable future unless something amazing happens, like I win the lottery (hard to do if you don't buy tickets). I am however sending good thoughts her way, which wil hopefully count for something in this universe.


    I like many are on a tight budget and will send good thoughts, etc her way.


    I went and bid on a couple of items. I've missed reading Lee Ann's blog... hope she'll be able to post more once the move is accomplished! (I'm also deeply curious about how Spaceman Spiff is doing, but that's a question for Lee Ann, not you.)


    Norma, you are a (wo)mensch.


    Sending good thoughts, and going to shop now.


    I really hope a lot is raised to help. I'm trying to make it month to month myself and totally understand. Best wishes to Lee Ann.

    Seanna Lea

    You are awesome, which I think you already know. I need to look at my budget (again), because I'm trying to save enough by the end of 2012 for a huge project of my own. I am sure I can eek out some money to donate though, because I'm no longer buying coffee every day (amazing how much money that saves).


    What a great thing you are doing! Do share if there is a way to donate straight...I can't afford more yarn right now, but would love to help a bit!


    Thanks for the update, Norma.. and wishing Leeann the very best. xox


    #41.. heh.
    done and done. :^)

    Beth in Ohio

    I'm sorry to hear Lee Ann is having trouble. I enjoyed her blog and am happy to hear that she'll be back. I'll help as I can, but wish I could do more. (isn't that always the case.)


    Yay! Lee Ann will blog again?! I've missed her. Hope all goes well!

    p.s. Norma, you are wonderful for doing this.


    You're such a pal.



    You are a good friend.


    You're such a good friend! I wish I could help but I just found out I *may* have to pay $5000 towards the winter storm damage to my condo -- not buying anything but essentials until I know for sure... I do send good wishes and hope that things improve soon for your friend.

    elizabeth a airhart

    hope all becomes as one hopes and dreams


    Although I don't know Lee Ann, I'll think positive thoughts for her! Sending those good vibes now....


    I've missed Lee Ann and Fuzzy Logic. Please let her know that we are thinking of her! Looking forward to reading her new blog.
    Would any size donation be helpful? I'm getting ready to have ALL my house pipes redone so big expenses coming up.
    BTW..thanks for the tips on gardening. Am planning what I can plant in the patio pots!


    Norma, you are the BOMB!! What a great friend you are. I am sorry to hear about Lee Ann but she is one feisty gal!

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