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    Thursday, February 10, 2011


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    ...and one more thing: the reps who receive hats will be asked to donate the hats to homeless shelters or charities, so the warmth will be spread to those in need.


    I'm already committed to knitting 2 hats for local congressmen here in MA for this. Either way, it'll get some attention. :)


    Damn right, we'll knit (and maybe even crochet) graffiti all over anyone's arse. The noive. ; )


    You bet...I'm committed to my Representative and both Senators. This is serious bizness, but there's got to be fun in it, too! Check out the photo at the Facebook page!
    Thanks, Norma!


    I'm thinking about it and I will probably do it but I'm having a hard time with the idea of knitting a hat for Scott Brown. Ya know?


    Carole--here's some thoughts that might help. First of all, be sure to contact Twinsetellen at; she's keeping track of who's knitting for whom. Scott Brown might already be taken! But there are many reps still needing hats. Then consider:
    1. The medium is the message--knit your desire for civil political discourse into every stitch.
    2. Because you'll ask the rep to donate the hat to charity/homeless shelter in your accompanying note, you could think about the ultimate wearer as you knit.
    3. I've heard from quite a few knitters how the very act of knitting for a rep they don't like/don't agree with has helped them see that rep in a kinder light--they still don't agree with them, but it does help them to humanize rather than demonize the opposition.

    Check out Twinsetellen and SpinDyeKnit, linked in Norma's post, or see the Ravelry or Facebook group for more info. I hope this works for you!

    susan smith

    Norma, thanks for posting this. It's a great idea, and I'm excited to be doing something positive about this issue.


    I'm in! I started my hat yesterday and have the ribbing about half way done!


    Turns out, Scott Brown is already covered but John Kerry isn't. Yay! I'm in for Senator Kerry!


    I am in for six hats , mainly because I had four that I knitted for a project last year that somehow never got delivered. This is a great place for them, especially since they may end up in a charitable organization anyway.

    Now that The.Norma has posted about this, the project will take off!


    Thank you for the mention! I can't tell you how good it feels to watch those hat numbers going up. I personally hope my three congresswomen I knit for keep and treasure theirs and use them to point to to remind their peers to tone it down, to remember that people actually went to that much effort to convey that message.


    This is a really awesome idea. I think I might just want to get in on this. Thank you for posting about it!

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