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    Friday, November 05, 2010


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    Love the table. You'll be back to normal very quickly.


    It's about time you got to unwind! you will find your wind much more quickly since David won... have a great weekend. You both deserve it:)


    Your new/old table is just gorgeous-what a great find! Hope you and David have a chance to put your feet up and relax this weekend-it's well deserved!!


    Years ago, when I started teaching, one of my students wrote a paper about how the author we were reading needed to "take a chill pill". Sage advice, especially when you're beet!


    It might take a few MONTHS to recover!!

    I know from experience unfortunately...I was REALLY surprised how long it took me to bounce back from looking for a job (then working) while completing a certification program and taking a national exam.

    I didn't realize how much it had drained me, but it took a good 3-4 months to bounce back from the long, slow, drain.


    Enjoy those zzzzzz's! You so deserve them! (I'm just trying to hang on until Thanksgiving break.)

    Seanna Lea

    Goodness I understand! I went to bed at 9:15 last night, because I just was too tired to do anything more than stare off into space!

    Lori on Little Traverse Bay

    55% of the vote. Nice! We've been told 10 points is a landslide. : )


    Love the table. Rest up, sweetie, you've more than earned it.


    Rest, relax, cook up a few imaginative goodies... and regroup. We'll all be here when you're comfortable again.

    Rosemary McN

    Beautiful yarn and table. Enjoy the time off!

    Elizabeth D

    Can't believe it was that close when he's so much better qualified!! Wonder how many soccer players she's coached over the years. . .

    Take the weekend off! Of course, you'll accomplish more when taking it easy than I do plowing ahead full tilt. Sigh.


    My mother has a table that looks just like that, but doesn't have the wings. Or whatever they're called. Senior moment. Beautiful table.


    "Den of Antiquity" - HA!

    What amazes me is that she got so many votes. Just goes to show you - some people are morons. Then there are the BRILLIANT people - those who voted for the right guy. :)


    I did a double take at your table. I have the same sewing table with side wings though in a slightly lighter wood and the drawer pulls are not wood, but brass. The legs are also tapered and turned more with ridges down the legs. I love mine. It's my bedside table.


    Love the table... love the decluttering.. I get like that after I've had a big project on. I'll be doing that after the School Christmas Fayre, am currently in madness mode. So many piddly little things to get done that I procrastinate them away.

    Enjoy the rest....

    elizabeth a airhart

    i think we are all haveing a hallmark moment

    make a great movie 4 hankies at least

    goodnight lucy


    (I didn't realize it was a beet. I thought it was a radish. As in, you've "had the radish"...)
    (Perhaps I should just go get some sleep.)

    Connie G.

    Great to have you back. Rest is good. Hope David, too, is doing well.
    Love your new old table.


    I don't get it. 45% of the voters thought it was a popularity contest? I despair. This was a slam-dunk on paper, and even more so when considering the professional quality of the other candidate's website (poor spelling, etc.).

    Please remove this post if it could be considered libellous. xx!


    LOVE the little drop leaf table!!!
    The elections this year, just absolutely mindfucking, but I'm so glad sanity and reason prevailed for David!
    Did the same thing in my vitamin/misc cabinet.
    egads.. the older I get the more my handwriting regresses. Gracie can do better ;^)
    Is there a pot of hearty soup on? Rest, you and David (if he can), well earned. xox

    Elizabeth in Brookfield

    Love that table! My mother had one, now my sister has it (I already have Too Much Stuff).

    Soup (from Marianne)! The answer to everything that ails you.

    Did you see that Bloglines has been resurrected? You probably don't need it any more but it's a good, efficient aggregator, better than G*****. Makes my blog reading a lot easier.


    I forgot to mention: Den of Antiquity is a great name for an antique shop. You Vermonters are so clever.

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