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    Saturday, October 09, 2010


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    marie in florida

    wow whee beautiful ! when my grand daughters aren't here i use their yellow plastic easter bucket....LOL...



    Love it! Happy Anniversary -- our is on Monday. I wanted to go to Yellow Dog this summer, but we ran out of time. Next time!


    What a gorgeous bowl - it's got it all over the old stainless steel bowls from my long dead Sunbeam Mixer!

    (formerly) no-blog-rachel

    Happy anniversary! And wow - the bowl is gorgeous, as is the yarn.


    I lust after your bowl. Take that as you may.
    Have a wonderful day!


    What a pretty thing! Pity I have cats, or I'd be making plans to buy one ASAP.


    Beautiful bowl! I just now realized that it is wood! (DUH) I thought it was pottery before. I Love it with the peace fleece someday sweater in it! (heh)
    I think it's good to have something holding up your funeral. I mean, why rush to die when the funeral cannot POSSIBLY happen now, yanno?
    Happy Anniversary to 2 of my FAVS!!
    LXLXLX I wish you moist roast beef tonight!


    Like Sandy I thought it was pottery. I think it's beautiful.


    Happy Anniversary, you two! That bowl is gorgeous and you gave me my first out loud laugh today. Thank you!!!!


    Happy Anniversary!


    Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful gift, and how clever of David to get your not so subtle hints. Dark humor is one of my favorite kinds. I have all kinds of widow humor that I have to use carefully-not a lot of people get it.


    Happy Anniversary! Gorgeous bowl! However, when I go to Jim's web site or his Etsy store, I don't see any info on the yarn bowls.


    Happy anniversary !
    A most beautifully turned bowl. Gorgeous graining. Nice that it's practical too, so you can admire it in use, rather than just put it on a shelf.
    Finish that poor man's sweater !



    Happy Anniversary! The bowl is a real beauty. And the sweater will be too.


    Happy Anniversary!! And that yarn bowl is downright decadent. Gorgeous! (And so deserved)


    Oh, that bowl is gorgeous! I was looking at some hand thrown pottery yarn bowls, but was concerned about the possibility of breakage. This is the perfect solution. Happy Anniversary!


    That yarn looks wonderful in that bowl. Do not let this stop the yarn from becoming a sweater!

    Connie G.

    Congratulations! Our 27th was Friday, Oct. 8th. Like you and David, my David and I make a good team, too.
    And, just so you know, I am so envious of that beautiful yarn bowl.


    Happy Anniversary Norma and David! That bowl is GORgeous! at first glance I thought it could've been carved stone but ahhh, wood, Lovely!!!!
    The Dark Humours, of course (seriously, is there truly any other? ;^)
    Cheers to The Good Team!
    ps you're singin' to the choir about that fabulous Peace Fleece :^D


    Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful bowl!


    You better and Mazal Tov :)

    Rosemary McN

    Happy Anniversary! Ditto the bowl envy!

    Alarming Female

    Beautiful post, Norma--and gorgeous bowl!

    I'm of the Arianna Huffington school of political thought that elections (at least for POTUS, but maybe all) should be publicly funded.

    Happy anniversary to you and your sweet husband.


    That settles it I need to visit Vermont to touch that bowl. It looks smooth as silk, it's stunning. Am jealous, maybe you should both commune with the bowl daily. That has to be calming, good luck.

    elizabeth a airhart

    lovely writeing

    many happy returns

    happy 27 years to you and david
    llile ole pudding pie woofs you


    Happy Anniversary!!!


    Happy anniversary! I envy you that bowl.

    Susan B

    Congratulations on a wonderful marriage! What a gift!

    The yarn bowl is truly stunning - I am a sucker for art that is also useful or begs to be touched (which is why I have a collection of hand-made kaleidoscopes).

    You are seriously tempting me to try that yarn - and I don't need any more yarn! It sounds scrumptious!


    Happy Anniversary! You've got me by 7 years, you child-bride, you.


    Happy Anniversary!




    You're not old enough to have been married for 27 years. Good grief. The carving in the bowl is beautifully done and the whole thing a work of art in which to hold the substance of your work of art. It's a good mix. Happy Anniversary to you and David from both of us!!


    Happy Anniversary ( a bit late). Jack and my 27th anniversary was Friday. You and I have been been living parallel lives, I think...we were born the same year and got married a day apart! It is a small world.

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