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    Friday, August 20, 2010


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    Cheryl S.

    But a Nigerian prince is soooo much more romantic.


    Wow, there is quite the rash of criminal behavior going on in London. I've gotten the very same email from a couple of people. What are the odds?

    Lisa H.

    You are hilarious. Have a great weekend!


    Got that same email from my son-in-law who travels often for business. The message was so bogus and not written in his style,we had to chuckle. Love your response!


    I think this sort of scam started about 5 minutes after the internet was invented...
    Love your response!


    You must feel so lucky to be tagged to help this poor soul out. I never get asked to do cool stuff like that.


    Right on.


    The same muggers were operating in Ireland - they mugged a friend of mine there. Same mean hotel manager too. Oddly, I had seen my friend on her way to work an hour earlier. Maybe the time-travel was extra expensive and that's why she needed so much money to get home?


    Well played.
    On a slightly different note, I once got several job applications replying from a newspaper ad in South Africa. The applicants sent me all their personal info, including scanned passports and ID cards. Good thing I am honest.

    Catherine Walker

    Love your response!

    Wanda in AR

    This morning I got a job offer. He can't get the money from his customers because he is in a different country. So I wire him the money and then people will start sending me money hand over fist. I am going to be sooooooo rich.


    You are funny! My sister-in-law had her email address lifted and this went out to all in her address book. She was home recovering from surgery-so anyone who knew her, knew it was bogus.


    Dear Norma!
    I am so happy to hear you're helping Kathy out as I'm strapped and couldn't send her the cash. My goodness, I wasn't even sure who she was so I'm glad you received her letter, too. What are friends for? I should have sold my first born to help her (oh wait, I don't have one). You came through. Thanks from me, too!!


    Well done. If she doesn't make that flight, she can go out boozing with Bruce and the rest of the Australians around Earl's Court.


    Hahahah! Nice response!
    so they've gone from Nigerian Princes to Damsels in Distress. Are there people out there really falling for this stuff? Oy.


    You are just the best, best, best. That's all.


    Good response! I like it!

    (Everybody in my family would wonder what the heck I am doing in London for a vacation (as I don't like the place) and why I didn't take the night coach back to Oxford.)


    Hahahahah that is great

    margaret poole

    I get emails all the time from foreign countries asking for money. At first I was amazed; now I don't even open them. This is a new twist, though. I know someone who got an email asking for money and they sent him a check to deposit. He sent the money and needless to say, the check he deposited was bogus.

    elizabeth a airhart

    i have been all over the world

    cashing checks meeting people at
    at airports the fbi sent me a lovely
    letter and the department of justice
    usa and yes people do fall for the
    scams africa does seem to be the fav


    I love you.


    One of my e-mail groups (Winter Witchcamp) actually got a similar letter that started: Dear Winter, Gotta love 'em for trying. Loved your response.


    Wow, Norma, you are so wonderful and helpful. I'm sure she really appreciated it!

    Stephanie Beard

    Ha! Too funny! I always get the person who can't get the bank to cash their check and they desperately need to leave "X" country to return to the USA!

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