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    Tuesday, August 24, 2010


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    Hey Norma,
    You might want to try this for the abundance of hot peppers: pop them into a bottle of dry sherry and let them sit for a few months. Then use the sherry to sparkle up winter soups and stews, a couple of tablespoons at a time. The longer the peppers macerate the hotter the results.


    I'll go with scotch bonnet tequila!




    We have an overabundance of the hot variety this year, too. Friends tell me to pickle them (refrigerator). If it's easy, I'll do it.


    Looks like a big basket of salsa to me...

    Wanda in AR

    I pickled a bunch this year.

    (formerly) no-blog-rachel

    I dry and then grind mine up for hot pepper flakes. Then I send a bunch off to my aunt who loves to set her mouth on fire, apparently.


    A sleepover? ummmm... well, that sounds about right, he is a teenager now,eh?
    That's some gorgeous bounty!

    Rhonda from Baddeck

    You could dry the smaller ones, and freeze the larger ones to use this winter. We still use my bumper crop from a few years ago for stir fries, salsa and pizza.


    Make sriracha: -it's good on everything.


    I vote for drying them or doing the sherry thing. Or add to vinegar.


    Okay, I feel bad complaining but this is getting to be a habit with Mr. J.! I say no more rubber chicken!


    Throw a party!

    Seanna Lea

    I would make an infused oil or vinegar with at least some of the hot peppers, so you can spread out the love far into the winter months.

    A little spicy oil makes for an excellent stir fry.


    If you do nothing more than look at them, you're still lucky to have them. They are GORGEOUS!!


    I agree with the fresh salsa comment. The peppers will be great in that.


    As for the peppers. . . I string 'em up and hang them in the kitchen to dry (and they look cool); then I crush them and use them in place of pepper flakes or chili powder when I cook. I pickle the jalapenos (with carrot slices for added yum-ness). I love a little zing in my food!


    I vote for the sherry and the oil..... or, you could make hot pepper jelly to dollop on a Triscuit that has been spread with a bit of cream cheese.....


    You're kidding, right? You showed us pictures of garlic not too long ago, that, dry-roasting some of the contents of your basket, and some salt, toss into a blender, and you have authentic Mexican hot sauce.


    so that's what tomatoes look like when they go red.... don't ask...


    Oooh and the chili peppers... when a friend gave me a pile of those, I dropped them into a freezer bag and froze them. I just pull one out when I need it and snip it up with scissors.


    Well, if he's taking a day off then so am I. Nice peppers !


    Not that I mind, but Oreo is getting very suspicious that Mr. Jeffries is being censored. He thinks maybe the Establishment is muzzling him. (I can't break him of his bad pun habit.)


    Someone I know tried canning them in small amounts for like casseroles and such. I have also put them in with pickles and pickled garlic (cause that's the best part of making pickes).

    My chihuahua misses the update on the terrier.

    elizabeth a airhart

    we all can use a sleep over jeffries
    is a big boy now -alpha can a day off

    hot soup and hot peppers


    pulverize them and spray them on all the bunny poop in your yard.


    Chilli jam !


    Gorgeous! We pop them in a bag in the freezer, then just snip off what we need, and keep the rest frozen.


    Hot-pepper chocolate sauce?

    elizabeth a airhart

    good night


    No hot pepper recipes here, just missing my daily dose of Norma. :)


    How about some arribata sauce. Hope you are well. Missing you.

    Jill B

    I love Shakshuka - eggs poached in a spicy tomato sauce. I got the recipe off Smitten Kitchen.


    Norma?? Hello?? Did you go on the sleepover with Mr. J? I hope you're just away due to huge celebrations over the election results.

    elizabeth a airhart

    knock knock

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