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    Sunday, August 22, 2010


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    I do love tweeds. Grey tweed seems both elegant and rugged, making a wide variety of projects possible. It's a shame the tweediness of your creation doesn't show in pictures, but I'm busy imagining the wonderful interplay of colors.


    I'm a big fan of the tweedy, too - so much more depth to the color.
    Knit on!


    Yarn sounds perfect! Gotta love a good distraction to make the knitting fly by!


    It's lovely - I hope the crises have fled in the face of tweed.


    Love the tweed yarn you're using! What pattern are you using for the sweater?


    It's a great colour, isn't it? I really enjoyed working my son's Cobblestone with it. You just can't wait to see what colour little fleck will pop up next. We knitters can be so easily amused!


    I just love Peace Fleece yarn....I need to knit more sweaters! :)


    I'm going to ditto head Paula's comment... except for that second sentence.. I've not knit my son a Cobblestone. my bad mama?
    That quote ran through my head the other day reading that earlier post of yours.


    So what is that narrow band of charcoal going to lead to?


    Gorgeous. Knit on, my friend.


    Sorry to hear about the crises, but the sweater is looking really nice!

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