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    Thursday, August 26, 2010


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    I'm anxiously awaiting this mystery blog fodder...


    We'll be here when you (and David) are ready......

    marie in florida

    i think Mr. Jefferies says we'll WALK soon.


    Just can't believe you have nothing to say, LOL. Have a great weekend... I'll be here when you are ready!


    hmmmmmmmmmm .....


    Hang in there!


    No nagging here - just wanted you to know that you were missed. I check you every day via bookmark (no feeds - I hate those).


    We worry, you know...


    My mom used to say Hold your Horses to me all the time as a child until I complained that I had no horses to hold (I was about 7). I got a Barbie-sized plastic horse for Christmas that year. That expression still reminds me of that.


    Yah, well. We will all still be here when you get back to da blog. Have a life - it's okay. :)


    I imagine you'll need to be careful about what you post here. Have a great weekend!


    Knowing what an Anglophile you are, are you channelling some Agatha Christie on us or what? Hope it's fun and fruitful whatever it is.


    Whatever it takes. We're a patient bunch.

    Wanda in AR

    We worry but thanks for letting us know you are OK.


    I can't believe your election results aren't posted for a full week! We get ours practically in real time. The suspense must be awful. Don't take it out on your knitting. It's already tight enough! oxo for all of you


    Just loads of hugs headed your way.


    I was just starting to worry about you... glad to hear that you're OK, and can't wait to hear about the great blog fodder (you tease.)



    I hope there will be some fun involved.

    elizabeth a airhart

    do you all have the feeling we are

    in the twlight zone somewhere

    back in ny with abigail perhaps

    here we are spread out all over the usa
    and aboard wondering and waiting
    with our guilt- is it something i said


    Just saying hey.

    Seanna Lea

    It sounds so racy when you say that the weekend will give you good blog fodder. I'm now expecting a photo of the world's most phallic zucchini on Monday!


    Have a great weekend-Glad you are still with us!

    Rosemary McN

    Glad that all are well. It's just plain boring around here w/out your take on the latest whatever.


    Norma, I think you need to start working on your, "You Betcha" when asked ANY question! Lame-ass Alaska accent optional!

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