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    Sunday, August 08, 2010


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    Cheryl S.

    Those are great! I actually was looking for one of those for a while, but I don't get to antique shops very often, and eventually I sort of forgot about it. Now I'm going to be wanting one again...

    Joan in Reno

    Nice collection. I have a nice aluminum press juicer that was my mom's that I use all the time. It is probably over 70 years old.


    Maybe he just likes lemonade? A lot? Love the expectant look on Mr. J's face with the chicken!


    A man of mystery!


    Does HE actually ever use them? I was thinking I have two, so I looked for the second, to find out I have three! The one I use sits in a drawer with the pyrex measuring cups and it has a chip in its rim (probably from being tossed in the drawer with the pyrex...). Pretty sure it's the one on your second step down, second from the right... kind of deco-ish lines and squares. and Lo! the other two are in the photo too... top step, the green one and the one next to it. You can be sure that they each cost only at most $2. (cheap yankee...)


    Glass is beautiful anyway, and with the elegance of form/function that a citrus juicer represents - well, who wouldn't want to collect them...
    I hope you threw Mr J's chicken for him - looks like he was being awfully patient!


    I think I have a few of those!


    It's nice that he collects something so useful! I purchased a vintage glass juicer last year at a yard sale and it's one of the most used tools in my kitchen. In fact, I just used it last night to juice limes for fresh margaritas :) I've resisted buying more at this point, but I do feel weak when I see them at sales. The display problem is probably what keeps me from buying more.


    The only collections I have are useful ones. I don't have the patience (or space) to collection non-useful things.

    I love how Mr. Jeffries has artfully added his chicken to the last photo.


    Oh, this makes me a little teary. My great-grandmother's green glass juicer, which was our only juicer, fell off the shelf and broke yesterday. Makes me sad but, you know, things were meant to be used and these things happen.

    Actually, now, your collection makes me a feel a little bit better. :-)


    Yeah, yeah, juicers, yada, yada. I covet your STEPS! Those are exactly what I want Smokey to put in the bank down to the dock. I'll show him your photos. A thousand words, etc.


    ...well, could be that they sort of, kinda, um, look like a breast... wonder what Freud would say? lol


    There is no end to the length you will go for us mere mortals out in blogland. Thank you. I can only imagine the time this little photo shoot took.....


    Since I also have a thing for juicers, I think they're all Beauties. Funny, I don't have but a couple of old glass ones though. and I use them all.the.time.
    I also happen to love a good mystery too.
    so what's with the jar down by the marigolds?
    Your front beds, what I can see, are GORgeous!


    When I was a kid, I could never figure out what juicers were. . . or what they were used for. My mom had one in the cupboard, but she never used it to make juice (preferring to rely on the new-fangled frozen concetrate). Anyway, my sister and I "stole" my mom's juicer and used it for something related to building our own "Liddle Kiddles" playset. . .


    At least, he collects something that he can tell people about. ;^)

    elizabeth a airhart

    i agree with cookie


    Hester Sturrock

    Who cares why? I think people who collect useful function things are just well rounded people.

    Well, what do I collect - yarn. Other than yarn . . . . hmmm, don't really know.

    Your exhibit made think of the older brother in the long PBS version of Brideshead Revisited whose only interest in life other than just exisiting was collecting match boxes. And he even ended up marrying the widow of an Admiral who also collected match boxes. But Bridey - as he was called, was one weird man.

    I am going to seriously think about what sort of odd useful functional things I can collect. Any ideas?


    A love of juice perhaps? My 9yo daughter is all about making fresh squeezed lemonade this summer and after squeezing 6 lemons by hand and using a tablespoon as a reamer (I was the designated squeezer- her hands weren't quite strong enough) we went out in search of a juicer. Finding it was harder than one might imagine and we ended up with a cheap soulless plastic and glass one from Wally World. I told her we are going to scour the thrift shops and antique stores to find a nice glass one (or raid PopPop's pantry for my mom's on our next visit and hope his wife doesn't notice the pilferage).

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