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    Tuesday, July 27, 2010


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    Okay. That slicker just takes the cake. Mr. Jefferies, you are simply too. cute. for. words.


    Thanks mr j I am missing my baby we couldn't bring him to France with us. Is lovely to get my dose of cute dogness through you.


    Love that superdog cape. (It's a good thing A.Alpha kept a tight hold on you in that wind, though...)


    So adorable!!!!! LL got nuthin on you in that cape. Glad you are all having a great time!


    It's like Clark Kent whipping off his glasses and tearing open his shirt...I knew there was a Superdog there, but the cape reveals all.


    It sounds like quite an adventure! Glad everyone's all right though, some of it sounds awfully traumatic...


    The rain slicker is over the top adorable!

    Barbara M.

    I love it! My doggie Liza barks at the mailman EVERY DAY, no matter how I try to reassure her that it is OK is he comes up on the porch, right to our door. Then a friend told me I need to think like a dog: from her point of view, this is great success. The stranger comes up on the porch, she barks, and HE GOES AWAY......EVERY SINGLE DAY! She has done her job!

    I love how you think like a dog, Norma. And that is a compliment!

    Barbara M.


    Such fun Mr. J! Looks like you're having a terrific vacation and that cape - is the bomb.


    There's no need to fear...Superdog is here!
    (With apologies to the cartoons of my youth)


    Epic post. This was awesome.


    He is so cute!!!

    Glad you guys are having a good vacation. :D


    Superior post, Mr J. ! Am so glad you're enjoying your vacation.


    I'm SO lovin' the slicker... er.. cape..
    Tell A.Alpha I thought her hair looked good.

    Seanna Lea

    Mr. Jeffries is a great caped crusader, but he will need a separate superhero name to keep his secret identity, well, secret.


    Mr. Jeffries, you are awesomesauce in your Superdog cape, so I promise not to tell you that the waves back off for me too! Happy vacation.

    Rosemary McN


    elizabeth a airhart

    you are born to be free mr jeffries

    lil ole pudding pie


    Have a wonderful vacation Mr. Jeffries. I love your new cape.


    Awesome, love the yellow cape and what a brave dog in scaring away those loud waves.

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