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    Monday, July 26, 2010


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    Dear Paula's Cats,

    Just bop Mr. Jeffries once on the nose and he should leave you alone.


    Priscilla and Sophie


    I bet your jaws ache from all the laughing. Whatcha doing today?


    Oh, the sign! Priceless! :-)


    Gotta love that Maine sense of humor! The plane looks like fun! Looking forward to see where you visit in Nova Scotia. My favorite places were Lunenberg and Annapolis Royal. The bed & breakfast that we stayed at in A.R. was fantastic!


    The fun never stops! That sign = priceless. That plane? Looks like you are braver than I am, or more committed to your excellent adventure!


    Such a beautiful expression on Mel's face :^)
    Niiice sign, we shit fish. hilarious! I've traveled on a plane that small, rule #1, you just have to let it all go, sit back and enjoy. Mr.J. respect the design... cats are usually always alpha ;^)
    Good times!


    You sure know how to make sure your adventures are exciting and full of fun, fear, enjoyment, and shock!

    Seanna Lea

    I keep telling our kitty that if she really wants Victor to leave her alone to bop him on the nose. Hissing doesn't seem to do more than make Victor leave her alone for about 30 seconds.


    Oh fun! Sounds like you're on all a great adventure!!


    I live in Yarmouth (ME) and often go to Becky's - one of my favorites.


    I looked just a wee bit tired. :-)

    I figured that since I didn't see a blog post appear last night that you probably weren't stuck in a hotel room. Glad you were able to make it out and glad I got to see you.


    Sounds like a lovely trip. Although, I am a bit surprised you haven't run into the long arm of the law yet. :^)


    It's a seafood place? They probably DO shit fish! Too funny. Thanks for sharing.


    Hahaha... that's where my Zumba studio was in Maine, behind Becky's above the lobster pound :-)

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