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    Thursday, July 22, 2010


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    We'll be looking forward to the book report.
    Have a happy vacation!


    Interesting ideas and cute Dr. Enjoy your vacation!


    Looking forward to your report:
    'What I did on my summer vacation.'


    Can you bring the book with you? I'd love to have a look at it.


    Yeah, he is kinda appealing :^) kinda cute, interesting looks and I've always found 'interesting' usually worth a second or third look.
    Good for you! that diet stuff is dastardly.
    (chanting... I know where you're going...)
    Another book to check out for sure.


    I just reserved the book from the library. I'm trying to kick the nutrisweet habit -- along with white flour. Not easy, but necessary to get where I want to go.


    Anything anything? ;^)


    Good for you, I've now gone 1 year 2 months without a Diet Pepsi. It was really hard at first, and every now and then I dream about drinking one. But I do feel so much better!

    Keep up the great work.

    Oh and I love all your garden pictures, makes me wish I had planted my garden this year.


    I don't know, he looks a little ghoulish to me! The cleansing plan sounds way better than most of the freaky "master-cleanse" things the LA starlets are always doing.

    I'm still trying off and on to quit Diet Coke...cut down a lot, but I have a lot of trouble getting rid of the habit entirely.


    I drank my last can of Coke Classic in February 2004. It was the only soft drink I ever liked, and I was way addicted to it. I'd given it up several times over the years and thought I could have a Coke every now and then but, as soon as I did I'd be downing three or four a day in a matter of days. I dream of cold glasses of Coke over ice...Coke Classic is literally like cocaine for me.

    Good luck with your cleanse!

    elizabeth a airhart

    just simply enjoy and do not think

    for awhile goodness me relax


    I have been eating clean since the beginning of December. Since then I have lost 57 pounds and my many many many respiratory issues have vanished. I used a different book to start, but I'm betting the principles are the same. Go get 'em!

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