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    Saturday, July 31, 2010


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    Shaun the Sheep!
    Glad you all had such a glorious time!
    Good luck re-adjusting to 'normal' life...


    Waving hand in the air over here and it was a New England flight.

    Your thumbnails just give me a little red X when I click them. But Mr. Jefferies sure looks happy. Does he get to keep Shaun the Sheep as his new best friend?


    I am so jealous of you, as I love Nova Scotia - so glad you had a great time!

    I love Mr. Jefferies' Shaun the Sheep ... and must admit, that I'm a little jealous of him ... :-)

    Rhonda from Baddeck

    Similar flight experience, also in Canada (Windsor, Ont.). Once we showed up an hour early for our flight to Toronto, and they asked if we'd like to take the earlier flight - leaving in 10 minutes. Another time, they canceled our 8:15am flight, but held the 7:10 plane so we could be on it. Hurray for small airports!

    Loved hearing about your Acadian-flavored adventure. Sounds like Mr. Jefferies had fun, even if he had to endure a bath before coming home.


    Norma, think we are too naive to notice how this excellent adventure was just a cover for extreme cruelty? Exhibit A = photo 11, Exhibit B (and really- How could you?) = photo 14! Mr J, I hope you got to run around like an idiot to recover!


    Enjoyed your vacation photos. That's one of my favorite parts of North America. But Mr. J is looking pretty dismal in that last photo and my dog asked me to mention the ASPCA him. My dog is the activist type. I'm choosing to stay out of it myself.


    Thank you for your wonderful posts Norma! I've been wanting to go to Nova Scotia for a long time. I especially love the photos of the colorful chairs and boats all lined up- oh and anything with Mr. Jefferies of course.


    hehe... having had to get sand out of a labrador my sympathies are with Norma... you can't put a labrador in a sink either.. instead you are very grateful your cottage has a wet room...

    that was a wonderful holiday... I got like a double holiday my own in France overlaid with Norma's... bliss... thank you for sharing


    What is Twin Cities Airline doing in Maine, of all places? Everyone knows the TC are in Minnesota, for heaven's sake. But your vacation looks like it was fabulous.

    elizabeth a airhart

    if you have friends who like to paint
    your pictures will have thier watercolors
    out and ready to paint -the above will
    cure any artists block they may have

    lovely for you to share your days off


    OMG you were in PUBNICO POINT? See what happens when I don't read blogs, you do things... You likely SAW my family, all OVER THE PLACE. Actually they're from Comeau's Hill, but range all up and down the French Coast. Grammy made us Rappie Pie growing up, and when I went to NS in the 80's I had some at a roadside stand and IT SUCKED. Did you go to Frenchie's? Grammy and her sisters would go there and get wool sweaters to unravel so they could make socks...

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