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    Monday, April 19, 2010


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    It is a sort of shield that keeps light from entering the lens at off-angles, in order to reduce glare. I'm not a fancy camera person either, but the husband has one :)


    Yip, I don't know if you call it officially a sun cap but it does what lyssa says. Very useful if the sun gets into the lens on sunny days!


    I've heard it called a hood. It's also so that things around the place don't fall onto your lens (e.g. falling leaves, dust...).


    It's a lens hood. Keeps sun glare off your lens so you don't get those starred sun like blank spots in your photos.


    What the others said - it's a hood. It keeps light you don't want from entering and it also protects your lens from dust. I have one for my fancy wide angle lens but I rarely use it.


    Do you need another person to say 'lens hood'? Probably not after Carole weighed in. I'd totally trust her judgement.


    It's blog fodder.


    Love the signs. Irony is priceless...


    Just a guess..does it keep the sun off your lens so you don't need to shade with your hand?


    It looks like there are some slots in there to hold filters as well.


    Something to protect you from radical ignorance, maybe??? ;-) Those quotes are priceless. I'm waiting for the sign that reads "Up With Stupidditty!"


    Teabonics. Love it. Even though I think those photos are frightening. So much hate.


    The Flicker site is like eating popcorn. I just keep going and going and going.

    mary lou

    Teabonics, like shooting fish in a barrel. Better than people of Walmart.


    Those people are very frightening. Seriously.


    I just shared the Teabonics with my husband. He thought it was pretty funny! Personally, I'm tired of those people making sad news, but it is always good to get a laugh in.


    It looks like we should do something about spelling in this country. I can't imagine what that debate would be like.


    Whoever coined the term "Teabonics" should be knighted. That site is priceless. I can't believe that people would go out in public with signs that haven't been exposed to a dictionary. Then again, it probably means that they are unaware of the error in the first place. Thank God for my eighth grade English teacher. At least an alarm goes off in my brain fairly regularly. We really should go back to diagramming sentences and weekly spelling bees.


    I second the motion for spelling bees!


    The weird thing is that the demographic of Tea Partiers is that they are above average in income and education (just read that in a couple places this weekend). Hmmm.


    My husband has just told me about something he heard on a BBC radio programme. During a lecture a professor started speculating about the worldwide effect of the dormant volcano in Yellowstone Park becoming active. He opined that millions of people would be effected, even killed, by such an eruption. An American woman in the audience asked "Even Americans ?"



    Yep. Teabonics. and granted, the signs are funny, I've had more than my fair share of laughs at their expense, still I find it woefully pathetic on the sign makers part.
    The in-laws were here last week ***WHUMP*** need I say more? There was more crazy pie served up than you can even imagine... well, you, you could imagine it, you have a great imagination. :^) xooxoox


    Until I scrolled down far enough I was going to say it's a jam funnel.. for getting jam into jars without it spilling all over... it really does look like one...


    I too have a lens hood that I've never used. It could be useful for keeping rain off the lens too when trying to take rainbow pictures. Do not ask how I know this.

    Just between you and I, its a mystry to me why the Tee Party leadership don't teach it's members proper spelling and grammer.

    J**** C*****, that hurt.


    I was just damn impressed that one person was able to spell "megalomaniacal narcissist" but not "rogue". I even had to go back to the image ( ) to make sure *I* spelled it correctly here.

    It's just so refreshing to see how our great country has command of the Englilsh language! ;)


    Teabonics was both funny and sad. Those people are frightening!


    I love arriving late and seeing the answer in comments.

    Those Tea Baggers scare me.

    Janice (formerly in Camas)

    Those tea baggers scare me, too. And, although it's fun to get a laugh at their expense, is it possible, just possible, that there is some photoshopping going on? Some of those signs seem to bear some telltale signs . . .

    elizabeth a airhart

    not the tea parties i gave as a little girl


    It's a canning funnel, duh.


    Cupcake form. Pass the chocolate ganache please.


    What really makes me laugh is that they don't mind they're called 'tea baggers'. Do they not know what that *really* means?! (if you don't, you don't wanna, it's filthy. FILTHY.)

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