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    Monday, March 22, 2010


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    Awesome photo!


    That's what it's all about...


    So nice to see a scarf doing it's job!

    Lisa H.

    Great smile, what a great photo!


    Goodness, I thought that girl was a model!! She looks amazing! I'm going to root around for some red yarn so I can do more scarves this year.


    Love the picture!! Yep, gotta knit red.

    Margaret in Ontario

    Absolutely lovely. Thanks for a beautiful start to the day!


    Gorgeous! I'm sure no one (including me!) wants more snow, but it sure highlights the pretty scarf and that lovely young lady!

    Still working on my #3 scarf for the year, but past the halfway mark now.


    The snow just makes that scarf look nice and cuddly. Thanks for the wonderful way to start the week!

    Jean E.

    Great photo!


    Great photo (except of the snow). Thanks for sharing (except for the snow). I'm planning a red-yarn buying trip this week. I think I can double my scarf-count this year. Who wouldn't want to do that when they end up looking so great when worn (except for the snow)?


    Yes. Absolutely Beautiful!

    Janice in Camas

    Gorgeous, gorgeous photo! I've been in a lacy kind of mood lately, but THAT is inspiration to get going on a scarf.

    Seanna Lea

    Terrific photo. Scarves are the best for caulking. I should check out my stash and see if I have more red yarn for another scarf!


    Norma, will you give me permission to reprint this photo in the TU blog tomorrow? I love the picture and you remember our local Red Scarf issue last year. I'd like to get people thinking about Red Scarves and get planning (or knitting)




    Woo Hoo!

    gale (she shoots sheep shots)

    You said it! (and showed it, too.)


    Beautiful picture, beautiful girl and beautiful scarf! Thanks for haring it with us.


    Me thinks it's time to get a scarf on the needles. I want to send in more than one this year for sure. Lovely picture!

    elizabeth a airhart

    old song a pretty girl is like a melody

    thank you

    me myself and i will go
    buy red yarn that makes
    three scarfs does it not



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