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    Sunday, February 14, 2010


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    Apolo Ohno is a-dorable, without a doubt.

    Happy VD to you!


    Ahhh - that poem is so adorable. Sigh. It's a good way to keep them little forever.


    Wow, I love love LOVE that Vettriano poster. There's just something about the red dress and the sky... can't put my finger on it.

    And Apolo Ohno is hot. It's funny that you should mention him, because I don't usually watch the Olympics, but I tuned in just as he was about to skate last night. It's so awesome how they can get almost parallel to the ice... that and Apolo's leg muscles/butt had me mesmerized.

    Happy Valentine's Day!


    Lustful? Your Facebook friends are lustful? Nah. . . . that just can't be.


    Love the poem. Love the idea of framing it. Put it up on the wall, where it belongs! I'm so excited that's red scarf day!


    You are such a sweet mother to have reminds of your daughter around. She's a gem. Love, love, love Apollo...OMG!

    Diane H.

    Love that you found and framed the Abigail's snow poem for it's 18th anniversary! So fun to have authentic kid art around!


    Abigail's poem. Sweet. All 'round, she writing it, you saving it and finding it and getting it framed. I have a huge box full of the kids' writing/painting/drawings/etc. Can NOT toss it out. and now Conor and Gracie, saving their stuff. heh.
    I spent close to an hour looking at Corliss Blakely's art, seriously fabulous. thank you!
    The Singing Butler has long been a favourite of mine, that light!!!!!


    You're doing it again, confusing me and making me think of home. I grew up just down the road from St Albans, Hertfordshire.

    Such a small world.


    love it :)

    elizabeth a airhart

    our skaters who trained at our ellenton
    ice rink yes florida will be on the ice
    tonight can not wait -thats florida

    the posters are great heart break
    publishers happy day


    Happy VD to you too!


    The poem is adorable! And the poster? My mom loves that poster. She points it out whenever we see it anywhere.

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